7 Best Wash Basin Designs For Halls & Dining Room in 2020

Wash Basin isn’t any ordinary thing that you put into your home. It is one of those plush elements that totally reflect the personality of the host along with creating an impression among the visitors. 

Although, there is a wide range of Wash Basin Designs for Halls or Dining Rooms available out there, choosing the right one that fulfills all your requirements is an essential part. 

Modern halls or dining rooms are a point of convergence in your home, which is often visited by everyone who comes to your home. However, people usually tend to ignore one of the most essential elements in their dining rooms or halls i.e a washbasin. 

Wash Basin in a Dining Room or a Hall adds more charm and grace to your space, without you having to do much within the course of time. 

Despite the fact, that there is an enormous sort of wash basin designs out there, the most aesthetic ones are Stone-Countertops, Pedestal, Metal, Under-Counter, Wall-Mounted, and Above-Counter. 

As a homeowner, you might always be thinking about whether to have a wash basin in your dining room or not and no wonder its a common question among people assuming high-maintenance and cleaning purposes. 

However, there lies some pretty good meaning as well a logic to it as we always find it unhygienic to use powder rooms or bathroom wash basins for washing our hands and it totally sounds impractical to wash our hands in the kitchen sinks. 

Wash Basins makes your life easier here and tends to add more appeal to our dining rooms by making it decorative and beautiful. You can always infuse modern wash basin designs for halls or dining rooms which complements the thematic decor and create an imperial and magnificent look. 

Besides having so many charismatic components, it also makes it more durable and functional for residents and visitors. 

Choosing the right wash basin designs for hall or dining room needs a lot of attention to detail as there are a lot of vivid and designer wash basins available out there in the market. 

Here are 7 types of Wash Basin Designs for Halls and Dining Rooms that can always help you, when you demented in search of the perfect one: 


Stone-Countertops are among the most used wash basin for halls that offers high-durability along with incredible aesthetics. 

These are easy-to-install, clean and maintain. In addition, it is the most conventional choice for a luxurious and timeless feel. 

These Counter-Top Wash Basins stand out to be quite opulent and expensive, so you’ll have to see if they can fit in your budget. 

It is also commonly known as Self-Rimming or Drop-In Basins.

Designer Wash Basins | Wash Basins In India | Capstona - BBM


Pedestal usually stands for the stand of the wash basin. These can be a single unit wash basin or detaching ones with pedestal. 

It is mostly preferred among the people looking out for Standalone Wash Basins. They are beautiful, thematic and elegant. 

Pedestal Wash Basins are usually used in areas having space constraints, these offer a sleek and composite look to make your space feel even larger and illusionary. 

Furthermore, it is loved for its ability to hide the pipes under the pedestal. 

Triton Cremera - Pedestal Wash Basin


Wall Mount Basins is one of those basins which are fastened on the walls with the help of POP or screws. 

The position of these basins is usually based on the preference of the user. It is always advised to choose the lightweight basins as heavy ones aren’t capable for making it longer on walls. 

These are mostly budget-friendly basins and are a reasonable choice when compared to the Pedestal Basins. 

Wall Mounts are the most elegant and graceful ones with aesthetic design. 

Black Livery - Pedestal Wash Basin


Under-Counter Wash Basin is a modern choice and are an easy-to-clean and maintain choice without much hassle. 

These wash basins don’t have rims that store debris and are generally placed beneath the benchtop. In addition to that, they offer a consistent and straight-lined appearance. 

Under-Counter is a fabulous and modish choice that can be a pocket-friendly choice. However, they are most advisable for high-traffic areas such as halls. 

Black Muedy- Designer Wash Basin


Metal (Top-Mount): 

Metal Wash Basins isn’t a commonly admired choice among homeowners as these slightly innovative and modern wash basins. 

They are placed above the cabinet or generally called Above-Counter, thus being a center of attraction in your hall or dining room. The rims are either chunky or quite slim. 

Mostly used in urban cities, these tend to be the most extravagant choice today. 

Brass Wash Basin


Semi-Precious Wash Basins are also a widely used choice and are Above-Counter Wash Basins. 

As these are made from Semi-Precious Stone, they tend to require some extra care and attention but the fascinating and aesthetic look that it gives it no ordinary and glitters indulgence. 

Similar to Stone-Countertops they are quite palatial and an expensive deal. 

Semi Precious Stone Wash Basin - Lapis Lezulli

Mother of Pearl: 

Mother of Pearl Wash Basins are not famed and known by a bunch of homeowners but they are yet another captivating and beguile choice you can make. 

These don’t have a bunch of variety and generally comes in Black MOP, White MOP, Keral MOP and Paul Shell. 

Besides that, they also are an Above-Counter Wash Basin. 

Designer Wash Basin


Despite the fact that there are so many Wash Basin Designs for Halls and Dining Room, you are always advised to choose one that will suit best within your space, size, and functionality. 

More importantly, pricing can be a major concern to-be-honest, so be precise and clear before purchasing one. You should always seek something that is easy to clean and maintain and fits perfectly in your budget. 

In compact homes, it’s always recommended to place in the corner while in spacious homes it can be placed at some point which divides the space. 

The rest depends upon your taste and preference as all the 7 Wash Basin Designs available have something unique and different about them. Additionally, you can also check out Capstona and see if something interests you. 

So, which one is your most preferred choice and why, let us know in the comments below. 


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