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Walls are what defines a house. They turn a structure into a home. Indeed the most vital part of a dwelling. And so, we bring to you the most versatile collection of tiles to beautify your walls. Our amazing collection of natural stone mosaics, stone wall cladding, glass mosaics, mother of pearl , agate tiles, semi precious stone tiles, crystal mosaic tiles and swimming pool tiles will add vibrancy and charm to your home. Stone Mosaics are small chips of same or different colored stones, put together into a tile, which is perfect for wall highlighting, kitchen back-splash, bathroom walls and floor, front elevation, interior and exterior wall cladding. Glass Mosaic tiles, crystal mosaic and Mother of Pearl tiles, available in a variety of colors are great for highlighting, back-splash and walls. They add spark and elegance to your walls. Agate and semi precious tiles are perfect for countertops and highlighting purposes because of the dynamic colors and patterns that they offer. They escalate the beauty and radiance of your home. Swimming Pool tiles by Capstona are durable, robust and extremely easy to maintain. These highest quality glass mosaic tiles without white dots will give the finishing touch to your pool. Let your walls tell your story, with Capstona's stunning range of tiles!


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