Gone are the times of bare and boring walls that make your home feel dull. Today, we’ve enormous ways to light up our walls, and this could be your thing to do. 

If you’re intrigued by the rugged facade of stone and have always dreamt of placing it in your home, Stone Cladding will be the perfect choice for you.

By using natural stone cladding, you’ll add more elegance and depth to an area. Moreover, even with some minimal effort, your space will look gorgeous & sturdy that will instantly juice up your home.


What is Stone Cladding?


Stone Cladding is a decorative covering made from real or simulated stone that can be used to layer your walls made from concrete, steel, or cement. 

In addition to that, raw materials used for stone cladding are often natural stones like marble, granite, sandstone, slate stone or materials that have similar appearance as natural stone & are super-light in weight so that it is easy to conceal them to your walls.


What are the benefits of Stone Wall Cladding?


While it has a lot of common benefits as to natural stone, some additional features include eye-catching colors, textures, and patterns. Stone cladding may be a sure way of adding elegance and a way of history to your home. 

Besides that, it also acts as a protective covering on your walls & aids in temperature control of your home.


Where can you use Wall Cladding?


Being a relatively inexpensive decor trend, it’s slowly gaining popularity in homes around the world. This can be reinforced in any setting, big or small, to make it visually aesthetic. 

Below are some alluring stone wall cladding ideas that will inspire you: 


Interior Wall-Cladding Designs:


#1: Rustic Touch:


Rustic Touch finish is out-to-be among the most popular wall-highlighting trend in 2021. So, if you’re looking to add a dazzling vibe to your entrance then wall cladding is for you. 

Furthermore, it helps you create an honest first impression on everyone who visits your home with cladding. The warmth and calming effect is has when people enter is solace.

The visual appeal it adds to your kitchen when placed as backsplash is something astounding. Stone cladding in the kitchen creates a definite sense of space within the area. 

It’s neutral and striking presence, remarks a country touch to your space.

If you would like to have a divider reception, you’re likely trying to find something that doesn’t take up much space. 

So why not choose something quirky, that sets one space aside from the other? You can choose stone cladding in the sense of a wall divider to make distinct spaces.


#2: Beauty In Asymmetry:


This aesthetic arrangement of tiles is popularly known as ledge stone.

Moreover, these thin & rectangular pieces of tiles comes in various heights and widths that are fitted together and comforts the space.

The ledge stone features a plucky, unfinished appearance & works as a gorgeous counterpoint to the graceful furniture and fittings.

Lastly, bathroom decor is slowly becoming a well-liked trend in India and you can utilize the stone wall cladding in every corner of your space. 


#3: Black-Beauty:


Black color symbolizes for bold yet luxurious appeal to any space, and with stone wall cladding its every more cozy. 

This black stone cladding is an endure & timeless addition to the present bedroom as it can be often paired with wide range of dark colors. 

In fact, the stone cuts aren’t too prominent and convey only the proper amount of texture to this whelming space.


#4: White and Serene:


Subtle color stone cladding in your bathroom can outshine an ordinary space.

You can have endless inspirations for your bathrooms, and to its most extent they just can’t be left out. Bathrooms in whites and subtle colors, can still be decorated with stone cladding to liven the space. 

Additionally, for homes that are entirely designed in whites or neutrals, this is often a stimulating way of breaking the monotony.


#5: Where You Least Expect It:


Stone Wall Cladding can transform an exposed pillar in your home into a piece of aesthetic art. 

Not just for living rooms pillars, but even for kitchens. So, if you would like to feature a fun touch to them, start with some newly trending stone wall cladding. 

Something unusual and striking, will always leave you complemented without cleaning up a bane. Moreover, style will be long forgotten but quality will stay forever. 


Exterior Wall Cladding Designs:


#6: Tuscan-inspired Exterior Cladding:


Everyone loves something out-of-the-box, and Tuscan-style stone cladding for some old-fashioned charms is no ordinary. 

In addition to that, Tuscan-inspired stone cladding can be a magnificent way of infusing timeless charm to modern-day homes. Alternatively, Granite is a superb option for Indian homes because it absorbs heat and does away with the necessity for air conditioners.


#7: Decorative Cladding: 


Besides indoors, even outdoor areas also have a reflective range to bring your wall cladding design ideas to life. Within the courtyard, you can immensely create a serene space that’s pleasing to your eyes. 

Ultimately, this decor trend also can withstand the weather and stand alone for years to come.




Western world has inspired a lot of home enthusiasts, and stone wall cladding is rapidly gaining vogue in homes and commercial units. Wall cladding also adds a calming aura to your unveiling space.

It’s a stylish & flexible decor trend that may be utilized in almost any part of your home. 

You just have to pair it wisely with the encompassing color theme and you’ll easily create an area that you and everyone will simply love.