How hard could it be to choose the right Tiles For Home

Well, choosing one isn’t hard at all, but choosing the right one is difficult. 

Gone are the days when we use to look out for Marble, Granite, or any other elements to decorate our homes. 

Today, the decor industry has evolved into a dignified new experience and a symphony of different elements. 

Tiles have become a popular choice among homeowners, architects, and construction labourer due to their strength, durability, versatility, ease to maintenance, long-lasting and its resistance to environmental factors. 

And as Charles M. Schulz said, 

“Decorate your home. It gives an illusion that your life is more exciting than it really is”.

Homes today have become a symbol of status and prestige. Decorating it the correct way makes it look more aesthetic, sophisticated, and beautiful. 

The modern-day decor is more about subtle decor, resplendent paintings, plush interiors, and contemporary designs. 

And while there are a lot of scrutinies to decorate your home, one of the most modish ones is a tile for home as it gives you a charismatic and premium experience. 

Nonetheless, tiles make your home elegant and charming embellished with modern-day aesthetics. 

Below are the 7 modern-day tiles for home that people will admire and praise.


Crystal Tiles


Crystal Tiles is among the most popular options when talking about Tiles For Kitchen as they set a mood and make your kitchen exquisite and stylish. 

Besides being the most loved Kitchen Tiles, it is also one of the most used tiles for Wall Highlighting and Backsplashes as they add a spark and elegance to your walls and has an advantage of 0% water absorption. 

Other benefits include longevity and an appealing visual appearance. 

Chip Size: 20x20mm. 

Tiles Size: 300x300mm. 

Patterns: Gold, Silver, and Kseniya. 


Glass Mosaic Wall Tiles



Agate Tiles


Debi Mazar (a popular American Actress) once said, 

“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evoked memories of your family history”. 

Agate Tiles is another favorable option among the folks looking out for Kitchen Tiles. It is mostly used in Counter Tops and Highlighting Purposes. 

The dynamic color options, captivating patterns, and aesthetic prints make it an ultimate choice to escalate the beauty and radiance of your home. 

Apart from this, it creates a welcoming atmosphere with its bright colors and innumerable designs. 

Tiles Size: Custom. 

Patterns: Black Agate, Blue Agate, Grey Agate, Red Agate, Rose Quartz, Silver Agate, White Agate, Yellow Agate, and a lot more. 


Agate Tiles



Glass Mosaics


Glass Mosaics is another admired tiles for not just Kitchens but also for Wall Highlighting, Backsplash, Bathroom, Showers, and Swimming Pool Area. 

While there are a lot of things that make these ideal tiles for home, the most common ones are its durability, resistance to water, and easy maintenance. 

Otherwise, it’s scintillating and prismatic properties adds significant glitter to your home. And not just that, but it has a welcoming nature and reflects more light, which makes your space feel more spacious and larger. 

It just lets your creativity and artistry shine, and we bet you will be praised by your loved ones. 

Being pre-polished and its availability it multi-colored medleys from black to white to blue, it just adds a sophisticated blend of earthy hues to your home. 

Chip Size: 20x20mm. 

Tiles Size: 327x327mm. 

Patterns: Antibes, Biot, Crema Vetro, Eze, Jardin, Tropez, Turbie, Valbonne and a lot more. 


Glass Mosaics



Semi-Precious Tiles


Semi-Precious Tiles is considered an alternative to agate tiles and an out of the ordinary solution for kitchens. 

Elegantly used in Villas and High-End Architectural Projects these are a very elaborative option to consider when choosing the perfect tiles for kitchen. 

These tiles are mostly used as Floors Tiles, Vanity Tops, Counter Tops, Decorative Wall Panels, and Backsplashes. 

It’s long-lasting, has more durability, and looks enchanting. 

All in all, these tiles for home are a perfect option for people looking out for an alternative to agate tiles in their homes. 


Semi Precious Tiles



Stone Mosaics


Modern luxurious look adorned with the timeless appearance is what makes the Stone Mosaic Tiles a prominent option among the homeowners. 

Ideally used as Floor Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Backsplashes, Front Elevation, and Wall Cladding, these tiles just add a sophisticated and warm vibe to your home. 

Stone Mosaics can also be accessorized with some plants resulting in making your space feel more suave and spacious. The light colors look brilliant and add value to your home interior. 

PRO TIP: You can use a contrasting grout for a darker color tile when choosing the Stone Mosaic which just makes your space look bigger and classy. 

Chip Size: 15x15mm. 

Tiles Size: 300x300mm. 

Patterns: 7 Colors, Aravali Grey, Black Labrador, Casablanca Green, Galaxy Onyx, Taco, Wooden texture, and a lot more. 


7 Most Elegant & Stylish Tiles For Home Decor 1



Stone-Wall Cladding


Stone Wall Cladding is the most popular option when you’re looking out for Wall Tiles. 

Making your walls look like they have been engraved with the stones, it gives a natural look and classy look instead of an artificial one.  

It is a highly durable, resistant, and strengthing option which is also fire and heat resistant. 

Tiles Size: 300x300mm. 

Patterns: Beige Waves, Bution, Cifer, Cremera, Egyptian Engraving, Foshan Mint, Hermantile, Stola, the famous Travertine, White Waves, and a lot more. 


Stone Wall Cladding | Tiles For Home | Capstona - BBM



Swimming Pool Tiles


Swimming Pool Tiles are a perfect match for people having water bodies in their homes. 

Capstona Swimming Pool Tiles comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. 

The Crystal & Glass Tiles add to the finishing touch for your pool and makes it look divine and giving it an illusion of more depth. 

These are rigid, robust, durable, easy to install, scour, and comes without white dots, and are non-porous which adds an appealing and finishing touch to your swimming pool. 

Chip Size: 20x20mm. 

Tiles Size: 327x327mm. 

Patterns: Kseniya-1 (Shades of Blue), Kseniya-2 (Blue, Green & White) & Kseniya-4 (Blue). 


Swimming Pool Tiles





Tiles have been around in the industry for a while now, and it’s no new deal. And so, choosing the right one will surely compliment your interiors. 

Earlier, people used to consider using tiles in their outdoor space and not inside their homes due to a number of factors. 

But today, the perception of tiles has changed as they have become more trendy, cost-effective, durable, versatile, and easy-to-maintain. They adorn your home making it look more exquisite. 

And before you start looking out for the perfect tiles for your home, you should be clear about the colors, design, and places that you’re seeking it for. 

You can use Crystal, Glass Mosaics, or Semi-Precious Tiles to highlight your walls or for a little back-splash on them while the Stone Mosaics and Stone Cladding can be a perfect solution for outdoors as they are rigid and heat resistant. 

Also, you shouldn’t choose tiles for your home primarily based upon their appearance but also consider their longevity and supremacy to avoid having a heartbreaking experience in the future. 

Therefore, if you’re looking out for Tiles For Home, being it for Living Room. Kitchen, Bathroom or even highlighting you can find a chunk of those on our website. 

How are you thinking to decorate your space? Are you planning to choose tiles for your home? Comment below to let us know.