Gone are the days when people just used to choose tiles for living, kitchen, or bathrooms. 

Today, after having countless designs and choices tiles for home decor have become inveigle. 

They are being used everywhere including walls, irrespective of any formal nature. Just like how they captivate and transcend the look and feel of a home by making it more luxurious and enduring it with magnificence. 

Even though tiles today come in warm and vibrant colors with alluring patterns, the ocean of limitless designs, sizes, and patterns don’t tend to culminate any sooner. 

Although they seem to be settled down on numerous applications, the most essential ones are Kitchens, Bathrooms, Home Bars, Living Spaces, Indoors and Outdoors. You can also see how effectively you can utilize tiles for home decor in a creative manner and make your home an astonishing space. 

Tiles, today adorn backsplashes, shower and bath surround, stairs, and more elements by highlighting the room and turning it into an impulsing space. You can always enhance the look with contrasting patterns and colors. 

And, despite the fact that there are enormous benefits of using tiles for home decor, the most brilliant still lies to be it’s easy to clean and maintain nature. In addition to that, the grout itself has altered into different forms from being light to dark. 

They are durable, dynamic, and versatile which can withstand scratches, dings, and some of the toughest climatic conditions. 

And so, don’t hold out on any outdated styling patterns and take a look at these charismatic yet subtle tiles for home decor: 


Accent Trapazoid


Accent Trapazoid is an extraordinary combination of ivory, light, and dark brown with an alluring matte and glossy finish. 

These will always attract the eyes of your guests as they are usually placed on walls in the living rooms or hallways and adding a graceful and subtle charm to your space. 

In addition to that these tiles are certainly the most beautiful tiles for living room interiors because of their artsy patterns and magnificence.


Tiles For Home Decor: 7 Beautiful Tiles To Illuminate Your Home 1



Borneo Wenge


Borneo Wenge is an asymmetric blend of white and rainforest pattern stone mosaic made from clay, glass, and stone. These tiles are designed to elevate the feel of your floors, both indoors and outdoors. 

Even though these decorative floor tiles look luxurious and lavish, they are easy-to-clean and maintain and won’t dig a hole in your pockets. 


Wall Tiles - Stone Mosaics





Fortuna is an aesthetic beige stone mosaic, made of mint stone. It’s more likely to be one-of-the-best floor tiles design for small living rooms. 

Subtle and uniform, this stone mosaic is recommended for both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the grout can be filled with dark shades to enhance the feel of the space and create a dimensional look. 


Wall Tiles - Stone Mosaics



Handicraft Petra


Handicraft Petra is an amalgamation of crystal colored glass, silver surfaced stone, matte glass, and alloy metal. 

Perfectly used for highlighting purposes, these tiles are one of those beat the band tiles and usually used on bathroom walls and shower areas. It illuminates the space with subtle yet charismatic looks. 

Although these look fancy and alluring certainly they are durable, easy-to-clean, and maintain. 


Mosaic Tiles For Home, Mosaic Tiles Design | Capstona - BBM



Hexagon Champagne


Hexagon Champagne is a unification of polished gold enveloped with crystal glass. Popularly known as Honeycomb Gold Matte Finish Tiles they can be an absconding addition to the honeycomb style tiles. 

Although, they are marvelous and captivating these never tend to enthrall its user’s attention and creates a beguile visual appearance. And beyond any doubt, it won’t faint your heart. 

These can be used for both interior and exterior, especially for highlighting purposes. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles



Historical Chess


Historical Chess is an ideal blend of black and white stone mosaic just like a checkerboard. These floor tiles are made of marble and granite. 

Widely used as designer floor tiles, these are durable, versatile, and easy-to-clean. 

Besides that, they tend to create a niche space in the room through their mesmerizing patterns. 


Tiles For Home Decor: 7 Beautiful Tiles To Illuminate Your Home 2



Lava Gold


Lava Gold isn’t any usual tiles for home decor. They are made from an advanced 3D electrifying method with gold being embossed on the surface to create a glittering appearance. 

These can be perfectly used as wall tiles in your living room, hallway, fireplace, or entrances for highlighting purposes. 

If you’re looking for something overwhelming these tiles design for your living room wall, can be a great choice. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles



Orient Ship Wood


Orient Ship Wood is an enticing combination of glossy glass, state stone, and wood being a perfect home decor tiles design. 

As you know that the first impression is the last as well, these tend to be suitable both indoors and outdoors, especially entrances, kitchen, and living room walls for highlighting purposes. 

It’s an enchanting choice that can be perfectly used as stone tiles wallpaper. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles



Palatine Grey


Palatine Grey is yet another eye-catching fusion of alloy, glossy glass, scriptive glass, and stone. 

Moreover, they are great for splashbacks and are easy-to-clean and maintain, along with being durable and versatile. 

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, palatine grey is designed to uplift the charm of your home. 

However, we recommend it for bathroom walls which definitely tends to be a perfect fit as it creates a listello band that can be visually delightful for your visitors. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles





Princess is a bizarre mosaic for home decor. They are an emblem of grace and opulence in the form of carpet tiles. 

Made out of glass crystals, these glass carpet tiles or popularly known as rug tiles can add an appealing visual appearance to your home with its vibrant and stylish patterns. 

This flawlessly designed concept is endeavored to catch the eyes of the spectators, without a doubt. 


Tiles For Home Decor: 7 Beautiful Tiles To Illuminate Your Home 3



Rail Gold Alloy


Rail Gold Alloy is a compelling combination of glossy glass, matte glass, and alloy. It’s a voguish and contemporary decorative wall tile for the living room.  

These tiles flaunt charismatic looks and glamour that will surely outshine the beauty of the place. Yet, they are easy-to-clean and maintain and aren’t prone to scratches or stains. 

Nonetheless, its unifying patterns will add to your complements. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles





As a homeowner, you might be confused about choosing the right tiles for home decor

It totally depends upon your taste, preference, and the application. 

We’ve covered the design of the most captivating and elegant tiles for the living room, kitchens, bathroom, and hallways above. You’ll just need to look out for one that best suits your requirements taking both design and budget into consideration. 

You might feel overwhelmed with all those design patterns that we’ve listed above, but it certainly isn’t a hard choice to make. It totally depends upon the application and utility. 

Moreover, there are a lot more options available which you probably can check here. 

How do you plan to revamp your space with modern and decorative tiles, let us know in the comments below?