Who does not love natural stone wash basins?

Be it their color, texture, or shape, everything is so appealing about them.

However, one thought that often stops people from buying natural stone sinks is “how to clean and maintain these sinks”?

Well, cleaning Stone Wash Basins is no rocket science. In fact, caring for a natural stone sink is very easy.

You just have to put in little effort and they will retain their color and texture for many years.

Here is a list of some useful tips which will allow you to maintain your natural stone wash basin with ease.


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4 Key Points For Your Stone Wash Basin


– After every use, rinse your stone sink with clean water. This needs to be done in order to ensure that no harmful chemicals and residues are left behind that would build up on the surface or corrode the stone.

– Wash your stone wash basin with mild detergents at least once a week and dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as acid or toilet cleaners as this would permanently damage your washbasin. You can, however, use mild dishwashers.

– Concrete floors are very hard and hence it becomes really uncomfortable to stand on these floors for a longer period of time. This is not the case with tile flooring. You can stand on them comfortably for a fairly good amount of time.

– Never ever use abrasive products on your stone sink. Avoid using harsh scrubbers as this would scratch your wash basin’s surface.

Always follow these 4 points and you will see how your natural stone washbasin will last beautifully for 10, 15, and even 30 years.


Caring For Natural Stone Washbasin In Hard Water Areas


If you live in a city like Udaipur, where hard water is a prominent problem, you might have to dry your sink after every use.

Remember to use a soft cloth for drying your stone basin. You need to do this to prevent scale formation which is a very common problem in areas that receive water high in mineral content.

Drying your basin after every use seems quite daunting, isn’t it? Well, the easy solution is to rinse your sink with clean warm water and dry it with a clean and soft cloth every night before you go to sleep.

The problem with hard water is that if you let it stand on your natural stone wash basin for too long, it will accumulate and soon form deposits.

Once the deposit is formed, it might become difficult for you to make your sink sparkling clean. In worst cases, it might stain the stone.

Well, in that case, you will have to contact a natural stone expert who will be able to assist you regarding the removal of that stain.


Cleaning Solution For Natural Stone Sink


There is no doubt that various specialized cleaning products are available in the market today that claim to keep your natural stone products in pristine condition.

However, they are often costly and you do not necessarily need to buy those products. You can use any mild soap available in your home. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners.




If you have housekeepers who are supposed to clean your wash basin, then educate them about how to properly take care of your Natural Stone Basin.