‘How to Select Tiles For Living Room’, is one of the most commonly asked questions among homeowners today.  

Living Rooms are the heart of our home. It is one of those places in our home where we socialize and unwind with our friends and family often. 

However, there are numerous things that need to be considered when designing a perfect living room in your abode, including floors and walls. 

Back in the day, tiles were only considered to be used in our bathrooms or outdoor areas but today, the advancement of technology and rapidly changing decor trends have made it essential to choose the tiles which creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your living room. 

Although there is a diverse range of designs, colors, and patterns available out there, the most modish ones today, are the designer mosaic tiles. 

Perfectly suited for both walls and floors, Designer Glass Mosaics are praised for its stylish nature, durability, longevity, cleanliness, and easy-to-maintain kind. Its enormous colors and patterns make it unique; graceful and easy-to-blend in the decor of your home.  

Tip: It is always advisable to consider the size and colors of your living room.


Tiles For Walls


Choosing the right tiles for walls can be an intimidating task, as not many people anticipate to transform their walls with mosaic tiles. 

However, there are surfeit options to select from, which can turn out to be a daunting task to choose the right ones for the right place. 

Although, you have to choose the right finish, the right cut, and most importantly the right grout the aesthetic patterns and minimalistic designs make it all worthwhile. 

We’ve got some graceful designs and patterns of mosaic for your living room walls which can transform your boring walls to one that looks beguile and catches the attention of its on-lookers. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles


Tiles For Floors


One of the most popular flooring options today is tiles, especially designer mosaics

Mosaic Tiles are considered to be a great flooring option for the living room because of their bold colors, appealing textures, and stylish patterns. In addition to having numerous benefits including easy-to-clean nature; durability and style. 

They have a visual appeal and can transform your living room into an artistic masterpiece, making your space look fuzzy. 

It is a great option if you wish to design your living room all by yourself. And, you can always choose the lighter shades to make your living room feel larger and darker shades to make it look cozier. 

Ideally, we just you to try the stone mosaics, made out of natural stone and porcelain. These will surely add to the magnificence and warmth of your living room.  

Pro Tip: Always choose a matching grout to add to its appeal and cohesive look. 


How To Select Tiles For Living Room (Step-By-Step Guide) 1





It’s fascinating how tiles have transformed over the years. 

Although, they were once only used in the bathroom and outdoors, they now overlap in many areas. 

When you think of selecting the tiles for the living room, mosaics often come to mind. 

As they add a flair to the floors and walls of your living room, transforming it into an aesthetic and charismatic space where you can relax after a tough day at work with your family.  

And, with its glittering colors and bold patterns, you’ll always be complimented.