Unlike many of the flooring ideas that we’ve discovered, Natural Stone Flooring Ideas tend to have enormous benefits over other traditional trends as each of them have definite character and grain. 

Being natural, good-looking, and contemporary, natural stone flooring is always better than wood or vinyl flooring. 

Natural Stone is an elegant and luxurious choice when considered in terms of flooring for the hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and even your living space. It entices natural colors, textures, and patterns to our homes. 

In addition to that, no two stones are alike and this is what makes it more alluring and aesthetic creating an endless array of colors. 

Natural Stone is an extremely beneficial choice as it is stain, scratch, and strike resistant. Even better, it is highly porous and can withstand tremendous climatic conditions and allergic organisms. 

Although natural stone is admired for its countless virtues, its safe nature, sheer durability, and impressive looks add to its grace and appeal. 

It is easy-to-maintain, long-lasting, and doesn’t get spoiled easily. And so, it is widely recommended to be used in high-traffic areas. 

Have a look at these 7 natural stone flooring ideas which are some of the most popular choices among designers these days: 


Mosaic Tiles


Mosaics emit elegance and sophistication. The irregular pieces of art favor striking and appealing tranquillity with an array of patterns. 

These are generally tiles cut into squares and rectangles. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor as it offers a slip and scratch resistant surface. 

Besides that, mosaics create natural imperfections with the amalgamation of different colors, patterns, and textures. 


7 Natural Stone Flooring Ideas For Your Home 1





Marble offers an opulent and timeless affair with nature because of its sleek and clean lines. 

In spite of the fact that marble is one of those natural flooring ideas which is always praised for its magnificent appeal and uniformity, it adds an extra richness to a room. 

The light colors tend to have flawless appeal, while the dark ones are exquisite. 

Being of those highly-porous stone, which is durable, easy-to-clean, and versatile. However, it is always advisable to hone the marble to get a slip-resistant surface. 

Quick Tip: Always avoid using abrasives for dusting and cleaning, as it tends to leave scratches. 





Granite is another porous stone, even though it is not as porous as marble. It is one of those hard-edged natural stones. 

It offers an array of appealing natural grains and veining with a stunning polished surface. 

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, granite is ideally used for Kitchen Countertops, Vanity Countertops, Walls, Floors, and other enormous commodities. 

The polish of the granite reveals its actual colors, textures, and patterns. It is always recommended to use subtle veining granite that throws in some extra charm and make your space feel bigger. 

You always need to choose the flamed one, as it offers a slip-resistant texture. 





Slate is a non-porous stone, which is generally used for both dry and wet areas in your home. 

The Indian Autumn Slate is famous all around the world. It persuades a wide range of colors and textures, especially the herringbone design. 

Commonly available in gold, grey and black color, it is an excellent natural stone flooring idea for the living room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. 

Slate Stone is stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and maintain. In addition to that, it has a traditional and aesthetic look. 

The most unparalleled thing about slate stone is that it is cost-effective and can be used in high-traffic areas. 




Travertine is yet another of those natural stone flooring ideas which are highly-porous and do not heat up easily. It is crystallized and is a partially metamorphosed limestone. 

The panache of travertine is that it can add appeal to any room on both floors and walls. It is widely used for outdoors, mainly pool surroundings, pavings, and walkways. Travertine commonly comes in an array of light shades Gold, Ivory, and Cream colors. 

The sleek and clean lines add to this enchanting feel. In addition to that, the honed travertine always emphasizes the look of the place, while the polish makes the veins come to life. Even though, there are a lot of finishes available in travertine the major ones are polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled. 

Travertine is known as the cousin of Limestone, but is slightly cost-effective and is lighter on the pockets. 

In addition to that, travertine comes in earthy tones and vibrant colors that make it rustic yet contemporary. 

Despite the fact that is an extraordinary natural stone, the only disadvantage that lies in is that it requires a resin that is filled in stone pores and locked with sealant. 

Quick Tip: Travertine requires regular sealants and frequent cleaning to avoid staining and scratches. 





Limestone is a porous and soft natural stone that comes in diverse colors from light to dark. 

It is impermeable, durable and a perfect fit for all homes from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, the limestone is sometimes polished and resembles marble. 

Limestone can be sanded perfectly for a soothing smooth look or machine-tumbled for a worn-rustic look. In addition to that, it comes in different qualities and thickness giving it a timeless and classic feel. 

Other characteristics include low maintenance, easy-clean, and cost-effectiveness. 

However, the only drawback that lies in is that it requires frequent cleaning, as it is prone to stains and pitting. Also, there can be a little color variation among tiles. 

Kota Stone is one of those natural stones which is quarried in India and is subsequently used for flooring purposes due to its rigidness, versatility, and aesthetic looks. 





Sandstone is of those natural stone flooring ideas that are widely used in India, to some extent. 

Being one of those highly-durable and warm stones, it emphasizes the feel of a room with a natural look, imposing characteristics, and uniformity. 

The only drawback is that it has a large number of variations in colors, patterns, and grains. 

It is always advisable to use the sandstone outdoors, as they have high water absorption capacity and is stain and scratch-resistant.  





Whether you have got an idea about natural stone flooring ideas or not, there is always something that you desire without much concern. You don’t have to know a ton about the natural stones before making the right choice for your home. 

I know it sounds abrupt, but the basic characteristics along with the area that you want to place in the natural stone are all you need to think off. 

Moreover, you can seek help from your interior designer or the stone dealer who will make it clear for you after seeing your area of utilization.

Also, as it is a labor-intensive task, we don’t recommend you to place it by yourself until you have got a clear understanding of the technique. 

But it is always advised to take help from a professional who knows and understands all the natural stone flooring trends available out there in the market. 

Just make sure your Floor Tiles are always sealed to prevent damage and staining and polish is always done right so that it won’t look dull. 

So, which of the above natural stone flooring ideas interests you the most? Let us know in the comments below.