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Why Should You Choose Natural Stone Bathtub For Your Bathroom

If you are looking to make a bold style statement, one of the best bathtubs is undoubtedly natural stone. Being very luxurious, these are often hand-carved and are a true work of art. Typically, these bathtubs are made of marble, travertine, sandstone or granite. Anyone of these will bring a sense of natural luxury segment to your bathroom interior. These bathtubs are expensive and that is why they are so rare. But their price is understandable because they are sculpted by hand in a huge block of marble until you have the desired size and shape. Many of these bathtubs are later enhanced with amazingly beautiful carvings. Offering several shapes and designs, the marble stone adds pure grace and style to the perfect interior goals.

Why Should You Choose Natural Stone Bathtub For Your Bathroom 2

The only disadvantage of marble bathtub is that it requires routine maintenance.

On the contrary, let’s discuss what ceramic and wooden bathtubs have got for you.

Ceramic bathtubs are created by setting numerous ceramic tiles together, which is clay that is heated to high temperatures until it stiffens. Talking about the pros, ceramic bathtubs offer numerous options of sizes and shapes making it the most convenient bathtub for most of the people. The main con of the ceramic bathtub is dealing with the maintenance of the grout. Due to which it has the irregular surface which makes it difficult for your bare skin to lay down. No wonder you never want to invest in a bathtub which will form bumpy surface over a while.

Why Should You Choose Natural Stone Bathtub For Your Bathroom 3

Wooden bathtub, in general, is the best solution for giving the perfect nature touch to your home. A custom wooden bathtub can be manufactured using different types of woods. Talking about the cons of the wooden bathtub, one must be assured that their wooden bathtub is not going to last for long as wood being in regular contact with water loses its durability. After a certain period, you will be dealing with the rotting process which can’t be avoided wither with overuse or underuse. Even after considering every aspect, it is a hassle to deal with wooden bathtub.

Why Should You Choose Natural Stone Bathtub For Your Bathroom 4

Regardless of every pro and con one bathtub has, the final decision should be made upon the overall study and proper research. Make your investment worth every penny!

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