Getting a marble washbasin can bring out the modern and contemporary style of the bathroom. You can focalize the attention of your guests and determine the asymmetric elements that will make your space feel and look more enduring. 

In fact, Marble Wash Basins exhibits charm and luxury that can be tempered from traditional ceramic wash basins to eclectic marble ones. Either way, you can look out for one that best suits your personality and style. 

Before you choose an exquisite washbasin that best fits your home interiors, make sure you look out for distinct contrast and eye-catching patterns that are classic and extravagant. 

Below we’ve put together three things that need to be considered when choosing a marble wash basin instead of a ceramic one:  

Designs and Patterns


Mostly made from Indian or Italian Marble, Marble Wash Basins transcend other wash basins with their gloomy polish and exemplary shape, making it an exquisite and unparallel luxurious home decor article. 

Ceramic Wash Basins do not have many styling patterns and a rich look, which makes it bland when compared to marble sinks. 

Marble Wash Basins are elegant, graceful, and glamourous which can make any place feel warmer and look better when compared to the ceramic ones. 

The Onyx Marble Wash Basin, on the other hand, is one of the most charismatic wash basins in the world today. Besides, their translucent nature and radiant tone, they often are characterized by ardor and bewitching depth of light and color. 

Furthermore, the White Onyx Marble Wash Basins are slightly expensive and rare of appealing when compared to those having yellow or pinkish shades. 


MariGold - Designer Natural Stone Sink



Rich and Luxurious Look


The most common reason why people choose Marble Wash Basin over ceramic one is that it has a rich, opulent, and luxurious appeal to it. Marble Wash Basins just complements the beauty and elegance of luxury homes and apartments.  

Ceramic Wash Basins don’t tend to have attractive and abstract shapes, however, Marble Wash Basins have incredible shapes, carvings, styles and captivating patterns with natural highlights. 

They are perfect for homes or offices having natural stone flooring or wall paneling.  Other than that, they can mutate the appeal of any room where they are placed. 


Misol Italian - Designer Natural Stone Sink



Long-lasting Beauty


Regardless of where you want to place your marble wash basin, it is certain to uplift the beauty and grace of your home. 

Marble Wash Basins are durable, long-lasting, and versatile when compared to those ceramic ones. Moreover, they are easy-to-clean, robust, and quintessential making them an enduring beauty. 

However, Marble Wash Basins will require periodic maintenance, when compared to the ceramic ones. 


Naguesha Yellow - Designer Natural Stone Sink





Not everyone loves natural stone washbasin, specifically marble washbasin. 

But if you are looking for something rich and luxurious, which also is not an ordinary choice, we suggest you have a look at our Natural Stone Wash Basins

We’ve got numerous designs and beautiful patterns that are modern, practical, and can be an ideal choice for your home. In addition to that, they are made out of high-quality marble which adds to its longevity and durability. 

Sinks are an integral part of your home, so choose wisely. 

So, are you looking forward to installing a marble wash basin in your home? Check out more designs here.