Marble is a widely used natural stone that is employed as tiles and slabs for floors, walls, countertops, vanity-tops & backdrops. 

Marble Tiles are extremely durable, shiny, and environment-oriented. In fact, they are truly magnificent to seem at, beautiful, uniquely-defined, and highly durable. Moreover, these are also are very versatile and easy to maintain. 

It doesn’t require any quite chemical treatment.

The installation and maintenance of Marble Tiles are effortless.

Marble Tile may be a luxury material, and it’s also heavier and of upper quality. Marble Tiles merely are like Solid Rock. There’s a good range of colors are available in marble tiles.


Usage of Marble Tiles in Modern-Day World


  1. Flooring.
  2. Wall Cladding.
  3. Hallways. 
  4. Foyers.
  5. Kitchen Backsplash.
  6. Bathroom.


#1 Kitchen: 

Kitchen is commonly used for preparing meals, seating & storage. Being a busy area in home itself, you can always put together some aesthetic marble tiles to design your space. 

It will help you give a smooth and glossy feel, which otherwise won’t be possible with other building materials. 

Lastly, replacing your ordinary natural stone with marble tiles in the kitchen will give it a more enchanting look. 


#2 Bathrooms:

Marble Tiles is among the most widely used choice for bathrooms today. It’s because of their impressive design and long-lasting nature. 

You can always use marble tiles to either highlight your bathroom walls or floors. Moreover, you can use it for both as well. 


#3 Foyers:

There’s a saying in our modern-day world, “the first impression is the last impression”. In fact, it’s always an ideal choice to have a great first impression on your spectators. 

So, choosing marble tiles for your entryway is an astounding choice that you can any day make. 


#4 Hallways:

Hallways are always the first and foremost overlooked place in a home. It’s where your first impression lies. 

Be it for you or your guests, adding Indian Marble Tiles to your hallway will always leave you spellbound. 

However, before you opt for the right one, you can always order a few marble tile samples in order to find the one that perfectly fits your space. 


Know More About Indian Marble


Indian Marble Tiles are known for their gorgeous beauty, aesthetic colors & high-endurance.

You can always rely on the quality of Indian Marble as it is rigid and can withstand all climatic conditions. Moreover, it doesn’t even require a lot of chemical treatment. 

Indian Marble Tiles are extensively available in different colors & patterns. Not just that, you can also place these marble tiles on floors, walls, and other surfaces. 


Some Imported Italian Marble Tiles include:-


#1 Carrara Marble Tile:

Carrara Marble is one of the most well-known marbles in the world. It is commonly utilized for stone sculptures and building decor. 

Being one of the most popularly used marble in residential areas, it is in huge demand across the globe. 

Carrara Marble Tiles are available in white, grey and bullish-grey pattern, it is also widely used in bathrooms to give it a natural, clean and airy feel. 


#2 Statuario Marble Tile: 

Statuario is known for its charming nature worldwide. Its uniform background and grey-hue tones add to its beauty. It is said to be nature’s sister to Italian Carrara marble. 

Moreover, its glossy and semi-translucent look adds to its natural look and shine. 


#3 Calacatta Marble Tile: 

Another Italian marble that is popularly known for its white color along with dark veining & aesthetic patterns. The tiles from this marble add to the graceful and tick look of your home. 


#4 Emperador Marble Tile:

Dark Emperador Marble Tiles aren’t so common and differs from old-fashioned white & grey color tiles. It is also an Italian marble and comes in different cut-to-size variants. 

Besides that, its brown color adds to timeless elegance and a luxurious look. 


#5 Crema Marfil Marble Tile: 

Crema Marfil Marble is also among the most popular Italian marbles and so do its tiles. Its creamy and subtle color creates an aesthetic appeal with other darker natural stones. 


Marble Tiles Thickness:


Marble Tiles comes in a lot of standards and their thickness varies from 12mm-24mm. 


Marble Tiles Sizes:


Marble Tiles comes in differential sizes and thickness. In fact, they can be customized according to your needs and preferential setting. 

Otherwise, comes mostly in cut-to-square & rectangular shape. 

Unlike marble slabs, the tiles come in sizes ranging from 305 x 305 x 10mm.


Why Should You Choose Marble Tiles?


There are certain reasons as to why you should choose marble tiles for your home and below are some of these: 

– Being a low-cost commodity, it is a cost-friendly flooring material for construction.

– It is an impressive and aesthetic stone to highlight a space.

– It is widely available in beguiling colors & patterns, along with cut-to-size.

– Marble Tiles are prepared from blocks & slabs and thus make them easy to install in subways.

– Mostly used as a flooring option, marble tiles are used in almost all types of settings.

– It is also broadly used in bathroom floors and walls to give it a charming visual appeal. 

– However, there’s one place that isn’t suitable for marble tiles i.e kitchen countertops as they are highly susceptible to acid and can often be harmed during cooking.


5 Ways to Clean and Maintain Marble Tiles?


Marble Tiles have long been associated with elegant and delightful designs, so if you lately installed these in your home, make sure it lasts long. 

Besides marble being a durable material, it still at a certain point requires maintenance. Always clean your marble tiles to extend its life, as dirt and spills can mark your tile.

Below are the following steps which are extremely essential to maintain your marble tiles: 

#1 Make sure you always do dust-mopping.

#2 Make sure you always vacuum with proper care and guidance.

#3 Make sure you always use a PH neutral soap to clean your marble tiles.

#4 Make sure you always use a soft sponge or cloth rather than a hard one.

#5 Make sure you always wipe down extra water in order to keep it safe from water spots.


How To Maintain Marble Tiles?


Maintaining marble tiles isn’t that hard,  as you just have to regularly do dust mopping and you’re done. You can do dust-mopping on a day-to-day basis and you’re good to go for years to come. Otherwise, you can also certainly do these things: 

  • Make sure you always use coasters and trivets to prevent your marble tiles from any damage. 
  • Remember to use doormats at your entrances so it won’t leave any colorful stains on your marble tiles.
  • Always clean the spills as soon as possible, firstly with a dry cloth and then with soap water. 

Marble is an enduring stone and lasts years. However, in order to maintain its grace and natural shine you still will have to take care of it to a certain extent. 

So, remember these tips to care for & maintain your marble tiles and their magnificence will last decades to come. 


How to Install Marble Tiles Like A Pro?


#1 You will have to prepare a substrate.

#2 Then prepare mortar.

#3 Next, lay the marble tiles on your floor with the sealant.

#4 Lastly, seal and grout your marble tiles.