2020 has seen a plethora of latest trends, from gold accents to bright, vibrant tiles and wall highlights, there has been so much to experiment with within your space. And, no wonder 2021 is going to be no different.

Choosing a charismatic interior concept is often one of the most challenging decisions you have in designing your new home, so we’ve put together these top five design trends that are going to be perfect for your home in 2021.


Soothing Light-Color Tones:


Light and gentle tones are often a generous choice for your living room or bedroom to make sure that you get ultimate relaxation within the rooms that matter the most! 

What’s more fascinating and illusionary, than gentle & natural tones that complement with many others like creams or soft blues. 

You can also highlight your walls with Mosaic Tiles from Capstona with a darker grey sofa to interrupt the vibrant grey tones and experience the smoothing ambiance in all the corners of your home. 


Organic Patterns & Designs:


We are obsessed with organic elements to be placed within our homes, especially in the kitchen. So, having an aesthetic organic decoration never hurts.

Not to forget, that having an organic texture in your home can also give you the feeling of a natural setting. The kitchen is one of those places in your home that can always be decorated with Natural & Organic tones. 

Out of all the benefits that it brings, adding some nature refined tones won’t hurt your pocket as well. You can also add some soft and soothing light along to bring its appeal. 


Revamping Your Walls With Art & Wallpapers:


Interior Design trends have transposed in the modern world. Placing decorative wall art or wallpaper on your walls can give it a centerpiece look. 

Moreover, large-size art is often an amazing choice to hack into for larger walls, either in your living room or bedroom. It also creates an excellent backdrop that can always leave you with compliments.

You can always play around with some artistic wallpapers to add a touch of color to your walls, while still maintaining those soothing tones. 


Getting The Nature To Play Along:


Nature is always an abundant style wish. You can often bring the tune of nature to your space as it gives an excellent deal of relaxation and peace. 

Adding some plants, be it artificial or natural can always add some life & color to your front areas and can alternatively be matched with lighter tones as well. 

One such design trend that you can play around with within 2021 is the ‘Money Plant’ concept, which will spatter your space with shades of green along with bringing in some good luck and fortune!

You can also try these Orient Ship Wood Mosaics from Capstona to create a wood-centric feel inside your home. 


Bringing New Room Interior Design Trend In 2021:


Summers are an excellent time to start out brooding about those balmy evenings and alluring guests round to your new home.

It is essential to have an outside space that features a cozy feel & can give your home the right balance between indoor calmness and an outside relaxing vibe. 




Interior Design Trends have evolved a lot in these recent years. Choosing the right combination of designs and patterns for your home is essential. 

But, more importantly, having the right knowledge about which articles and designs to choose is also critical. 

Everything that you intend to do can always be thought and planned accordingly, especially when you’re on a tight budget. 

So, as you continue to get inspired by these trends, always have an eye on something bespoke and intrigued.