Planning an outside elevation of a home is as important as its interiors. Plenty of thoughts may appear before choosing an exterior elevation design that adds value to your home and enhances its curb appeal. 

Architects believe in two major matrices when planning for an outside elevation of our home, i.e the ground plan and the front elevation. 

While keeping these two matrices in mind, they choose appropriate tile options that provide a boost to the outside elevation of your property.

An exterior’s appearance is always the first impression for somebody entering your house; this must be both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy to all climatic conditions. 

Mosaic Tiles are the simplest artifact that comes in an eclectic range of colors, sizes, designs, and patterns providing beautiful finishes and enduring surfaces to the outside spaces.

Here may be a list of exterior tiles recommended by us for the outside elevation design:


Best Tile Options for Exterior Elevation:


Natural Stone Tiles:


Natural Stone Tiles are considered elegant and chic for outdoor elevation design. Tiles with such textures are the primary choice of architects thanks to their timeless appeal which adds a royal touch to the walls. 

A variety of vividly colored and exquisitely designed wall tiles are available which creates a timeless work of art. 

Additionally, this wide range of natural exterior wall tiles will certainly mark an impact on your guests and leave them amazed with the remarkable finish of your home elevation.


Wood Look Tiles:


Wooden texture tiles provide a classy look to home interiors as well as exteriors, and selecting it for home exterior elevation is another excellent choice you can make. 

These tiles are formed with a texture on the brink of natural wood which provides a nature-inspired appearance. You can always choose from a wide range of traditional wood grains during a sort of color options like light ash, dark walnut, and reminder browns and greys. 

Nature lovers love choosing these tiles for their home exterior elevation with its complete natural look.


Brick Look Tiles:


Brick Walls are often mentioned with the country and old-fashioned sort of exterior elevation design, selecting a natural-brick tile for exterior walls will give your home a more mesmerizing look. 

These elevation tiles are available in actual terracotta color and brick-pattern that offer a true bricked wall appearance.

Brick look tiles are perfect to feature warmth, texture, and character added to space. Exposed brick accent walls are quite an in trend nowadays because of their gorgeous visual appeal. 


Random Pattern Tiles:


Elevation Tiles now are available in multiple options of patterns & colors, which provides an open slate of imagination to the homeowners. 

Selecting random patterned tiles for giant areas or accent walls in an exterior elevation design will make it look impressive and artistic. 

These tiles can range from geometric patterns or floral concepts to random color play on tiles.




We have highlighted the widely used and popular exterior elevation tiles. Tiles are easy to take care of and install as a construction material and save your house from wear and tear of the outer atmosphere. 

Moreover, elevation tiles can withstand almost all climatic conditions and are really sturdy.

Today, with advancements in technology, tile makers are making more durable tiles with a great range of textures and patterns to elevate the exteriors of recent homes.