It’s truly said that ‘The bathrooms reflect the personality of the host’. 

Bathrooms, being the most accessible area after the living room in our homes, shouldn’t turn into an ordeal among guests. 

It gets us reviving and freshened especially after a tough day at work. Being the first thing that we use in the morning to the last that we go to at night, washbasins are one of the most used commodities in our bathroom. 

And so, why not embrace the appeal of your washroom by overhauling your standard washbasin with eclectic and stylish ones. 

We at Capstona, have numerous Designer Wash Basins evincing your personality and style, making it an evenly sophisticated and charismatic experience. 

And while we don’t leave any stones unturned to make your washroom an aesthetically appealing one, you can choose among our different styles of designer washbasins which are easy to clean and maintain. 

Below are 19 Designer Stone Wash Basin Styles that will adorn your bathroom. 


Alfeta Black


Alfeta Black adds extravagance to your washroom with an Indian Touch. This bowl is in the state of the customary Indian Handi and comes in 3 prominent hues: Black, White, and Yellow.

It’s the mirror-polished look and collectible charm adds extra elegance to your bathroom. 

Length: 350mm. 

Breadth: 350mm. 

Height: 185mm.







Anant is a sleek and classy long washbowl made from Red Lavante Marble. This stone sink looks extremely tasteful and will allure your washing region by making an appealing point of convergence. 

Length: 660mm. 

Breadth: 355mm. 

Height: 152mm.





Black Apollo


Black Apollo is an oval molded washbasin which is an extremely common bowl among house owners. It adds an appeal to your restroom with one of a kind plan and surface, making it look remarkable. 

You can also browse different alternatives accessible in Apollo arrangement to confront an excellent genre for your adobe. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 100mm.





Black Muedy


Made out of Black Marble with eitching on the outside layer, the Black Muedy Wash Bowl is a presentable piece of art in your restroom.

It’s pleasant and delightful properties makes it an ideal choice among the homeowners. You can use it as a countertop as well as under-mounted basin. 

It uplifts the grace of your space making it look astounding. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 325mm.







Blossom is an excellent choice when are looking out for an aesthetic and classic washbasin for your restroom or eating region. It just elevates the beauty of your restroom. 

Made with Grey William Stone, you can put this wash sink to your desired area and perceive how your guests and individuals appreciate it. 

Length: 419mm. 

Breadth: 406mm. 

Height: 305mm.





Black Pebbles


Despite being one of the most magnificent pieces of art, there isn’t something that doesn’t make Black Pebbles the most loved choice among the perspectives. 

It is made of Black Marble, which is eitched outside and imposes rustic look to add a contemplating feel to your space. 

Length: 457mm. 

Breadth: 457mm. 

Height: 140mm.







An alluring and sophisticated restroom is something that inspires many. And, Breeze doesn’t miss an opportunity to do so. 

A Shade of Maroon with Linear Prints comes in a semi-oval shaped sphere with a slightly steep cut on the right. It best suits for Bathrooms and Living Rooms. 

Length: 482mm. 

Breadth: 355mm. 

Height: 228mm.







Just like a dome, the Domed is a rounded vault in a circular base with white marble outside eitched. 

It’s unique design and curvature look astonishing when installed and fits perfectly in all types of decor.  

Length: 600mm. 

Breadth: 450mm. 

Height: 100mm.





Floral Gold


Floral Gold is a dazzling washbasin made from Jaisalmer Yellow Stone with a delightful carving on its external surface makes it look exceptionally alluring. 

Floral prints adorned with shades of yellow make an extremely intimate amalgamation of class and luxury. 

Length: 405mm. 

Breadth: 405mm. 

Height: 150mm.





Gold SF


There is a good chance that you must be looking for something extraordinarily beautiful for your restroom or living room. And, Gold SF stands just there to light your space with its charisma. 

It is shaped like a pot with shades of gold to enthrall the eyes of your guests. 

Length: 430mm. 

Breadth: 430mm. 

Height: 170mm.







The souvenir from the Dark Emperador, Hector is a confounding fusion of black marble with shades of grey eitched outside. 

It best compliments your home interiors with its thematic design and concept. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 180mm.





Italian Ring


This stone counter washbasin is an ideal pick for homeowners who want to draw attention and add personality to their space. 

Italian Ring is made of Panther Marble with strokes of earl yellow making your space look exquisite. 

Length: 395mm. 

Breadth: 395mm. 

Height: 110mm.







This wonderful leaf-molded bowl created from the natural stone will add elegance and appeal to your restroom.

And not just for homes, but these washbasins can also be utilized in workplaces, lodgings, and other areas as well. 

Alternatively, this washbasin has distinct varieties, for example, quill leaf, dark-colored leaf, leaf, and Stibeal Yellow to acquaint with your taste and space. 

Length: 610mm. 

Breadth: 410mm. 

Height: 125mm.





Lilly Pond


Lilly Pond is another opulent and extravagant washbasin made from White Marble, which resembles innocence, purity, and beauty. 

It’s Lilly shaped structure molded like a pond will never neglect to enhance the space in your restroom. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 100mm.





Marigold (Onyx – Translucent Marble)


Marigold is an ideal wash basin for individuals who favor little bowls over the bigger ones. 

Made with Onyx Marble, the Marigold Stone Counter Wash Basin looks exquisite and sumptuous, making your space look more sophisticated.

Length: 370mm. 

Breadth: 370mm. 

Height: 130mm. 




Misol Italian


Misol Italian an ideal choice for cafes and hotels, this charming beige-colored basin with hues of brown can be an enticing option to consider. 

Alternatively, if you’re impressed with the shape of this basin you can also get it customized with your preferable shape and size. 

Length: 1020mm. 

Breadth: 405mm. 

Height: 120mm.





Narcisco White


Narcisco White is one luxurious looking washbasin with a palatial design. It’s the disparate shape and mirror clean look makes it a beguile option among the perceptive. 

Available in both Black and White, this exceptionally engaging composition of the stone will never fail to adorn your abode. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 100mm.







An exquisite and elegantly appealing washbowl available in distinctive shapes and designs. 

Piskes is made from White Marble and comes in a bunch of different patterns. 

Length: 400mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 120mm.





Sabbia Agua


Sabbia Agua fits consummately in a wide range of stylistic theme. This black colored washbasin looks delightful and mesmerizing. 

This is versatile and looks radiant when placed in Light-colored decor. 

Length: 450mm. 

Breadth: 450mm. 

Height: 110mm.





White Calicanto


White stands for purity and cleanliness and Calicanto for the mesmerizing looks that it has. This stone washbasin will add charm to your bathroom and make it more alluring. 

White Calicanto is made from White India Marble and is most loved because of its extra curved royal shape. 

Length: 460mm. 

Breadth: 400mm. 

Height: 100mm.





Yellow Naguesha


Being one of the most stylish Counter-Top Wash Basin, Yellow Naguesha reflects your style and radiance. It is made from Yellowish Jaisalmer Marble along with some linear sparky prints of brown. 

Commonly used in Bathroom, this is an astounding option and you can select from the two more shades of yellow and white. 

Length: 405mm. 

Breadth: 405mm. 

Height: 145mm.







There are numerous designs of washbasin available in the market. And while choosing the right one can be complicated, it’s more about the placement than anything else. 

Keeping every aspect in mind like the spot of your installation, the color patterns, and the theme of your decor, it isn’t a hard choice to make. 

The possibilities are endless. You just need to choose the one that best fits your personality and decor. 

Concluding here, we’ve got you covered with 19 designs of Stone Wash Basins that aesthetically uplift the beauty of your space. 

What do you think of these washbasin designs? Do let us know your favorite ones in the comments below.