Buddhism is termed as the fourth largest religion in the world that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices. However, these traditions, beliefs, and practices are largely based on the original teachings of Buddha, the primary figure in Buddhism.

The followers of Buddhism create a special place in their home or garden to place their Buddha statue where they can pray and meditate. However, it is not necessary to be a Buddhist in order to have Buddha statues in your home. You can make Metal Buddha Idols a part of your interior or exterior décor but ensure that you are not being disrespectful to the idol.


Why Place Metal Buddha Idol in your Home or Office?


Buddha Idols make up for great décor accessories that also add an element of calmness to interiors. Buddha has always been associated with peace and this is one of the major reasons why people love to have Buddha idols in their home or office. They believe that the idol will facilitate them to achieve inner peace, which is very necessary to have a happy life.

While adding tranquillity to the environment, Buddha statues are also said to create positive vibes around your place. These positives vibes help you stay energetic throughout the day.

Buddha idols are available in stone, clay, and metal. If you are good with fragile items, then you can opt for stone and clay idols. However, if you are looking for Buddha idols that can withstand sudden jerks and fall without breaking into pieces, then metal Buddha idols can prove to be the best choice.

Where to Place Metal Buddha Statues?


– Always place the Buddha idol on a raised platform and not on the floor.

– Avoid placing it in a bathroom.

– If you are going to place your Buddha statue in your garden, then ensure that it faces towards your home and not away from it.

– When placed inside a room, ensure that it is facing the room. However, if placed at your home’s entrance, the idol will be facing those entering your home.

Significance of Different Buddha Statues:


Vitarka Mudra:


Benefits Of Metal Buddha Statue in 2020 1

In this mudra, the circle formed by the joining of the index finger and thumb creates a constant flow of information or energy. The other three fingers evoke the energy of intellectual discussion and teaching. The vitarka mudra in all creates energy that allows knowledge transmission in a protected way, without being hindered by fear.

The best place for this Buddha idol is an office, library, or a study room.

Abhay Mudra:


Benefits Of Metal Buddha Statue in 2020 2

The open right palm in this mudra spreads a positive aura. It also gives the energy of protection and a sense of strong and deep inner security.

The best place for this Buddha Metal Idol is either at the main entrance of your home or the living room.

Varda Mudra:


Benefits Of Metal Buddha Statue in 2020 3

In this mudra, the right palm faces outward with the index finger and thumb joined to form a ring, and the other three fingers pointing towards the ground. Left-hand lies in front of the naval with the palm facing upwards.

This mudra expresses the energy of liberation and compassion along with an offering of acceptance. This Buddha idol is a perfect choice for those people who are seeking specific quality of energy from an enlightened being.

The best place for this Buddha metal idol is the northwest part of your home or office.

Sleeping Buddha:


Benefits Of Metal Buddha Statue in 2020 4

The metal idol of Buddha can bring peace and serenity in your home and spread calm energy. It is very important especially in today’s time when the lives of people are hectic.

Thus, to create peaceful and balanced energy in your home or office, which is vital for good health and well-being, you should have a sleeping Buddha idol.

The best place for this sleeping Buddha idol is in your living room or your office chamber.

Buddha Head:


Benefits Of Metal Buddha Statue in 2020 5

Not just Buddhists but even non-Buddhists love to keep Buddha head idols in their home. One of the major reasons is that these idols are said to radiate the energy of peace and calmness around you.

Apart from having religious significance, Buddha head idols also act as a great object for decoration and beautify the surroundings.

You can place it at your home or workplace.

Even if you are not a follower of Buddhism, you should still consider having a Buddha idol in your home. After all, Buddha idols do not possess just religious significance. They radiate an aura of peace and calmness and also make a great decorative item.

So, if you love to have something in your house that spreads positivity while also adding to the beauty of your place, then metal Buddha idols are the best option to go for.