Someone has rightly said that “A home is where the heart is” and our heart has the tendency to get attracted to beautiful things.

All their lives people work had to create a beautiful home and then maintain it. They ensure that everything right from the infrastructure to the furniture and other belongings should look alluring.

There was a time when the bathroom was not given much importance and was very simple. But now, time has changed.

People want luxury not only in their bedroom and living room but in their bathrooms as well.

From the bathroom flooring to sanitary, they want everything that looks ravishing.

Listed below are 10 Beautiful Wash Basins designed and manufactured by Capstona that will prove to be the perfect addition to your beautiful home.




Leaf is a beautiful leaf-shaped basin crafted from the natural stone will add grace and charm to your bathroom.

Not just for homes, these washbasins can be used in offices, hotels, and other commercial establishments as well.

You can choose from 4 different options such as feather leaf, brown leaf, leaf, and Stibeal Yellow to match your taste and the interiors of your property.

Designer Wash Basins | Wash Basins In India | Capstona - BBM




Marigold is another perfect wash basin for those who prefer small basins over larger ones. Made with natural stone, the marigold basin looks very elegant and luxurious.

MariGold - Designer Natural Stone Sink


Alfeta White:


To bring luxury to your bathroom space with an Indian touch, the Alfeta White basin can prove to be a perfect choice.

This basin is in the shape of the traditional Indian cooking pot and is available in 3 very popular colors: black, white, and yellow.

This basin is provided with antique or mirror polish for a graceful appearance.

Natural Stone Sink - White


Misol Italian:


Misol Italian is an alluring beige and brown colored sink can prove to be an ideal choice for restaurants and hotels.

It is a rectangular shaped hand basin with length and width of 1020 mm and 405 mm respectively.

If you like the color and pattern of the stone but not the shape then you can choose from a square and spherical shape as well.

Misol Italian - Designer Natural Stone Sink


Black Apollo:


Oval shaped washbasins are quite common and look very ordinary. However, with unique design and texture, Black Apollo looks extraordinary and adds an extra charm to your bathroom.

You can choose from various options available in the Apollo series to find a beautiful wash basin model for your adobe.

Black Apollo - Designer Natural Stone Sink


Blanca Dia:


Blanca Dia is a very appealing and luxurious looking basin made in white stone. This bowl-shaped basin can prove to be an ideal pick for both residential and commercial infrastructure.

Blanca Dia - Designer Natural Stone Wash Basin


Narcisco White:


Narcisco White is another luxurious looking wash sink with a beautiful design.

Mirror polish makes it look very appealing. Once placed in your bathroom, this wash basin will never fail to adorn the place.

Narcisco White - Designer Natural Stone Sink


Floral Gold:


Floral Gold is one of the most beautiful wash basin designs available today.

The floral pattern on the outer surface of the basin and the golden color makes it look very alluring and must have a basin for a home, hotel or resort, or restaurant.

Floral Gold - Designer Natural Stone Sink


Comforter Eitched:


Comforter Eitched is the perfect washbasin for those who have a unique taste.

Its unique shape and the combination of grey and black color is what makes it look different from the rest of the basins available in the market today.

To achieve an elegant and subtle look for your washroom, this basin is to go for.

Comforter Eitched - Designer Natural Stone Sink




Piskes an aesthetically appealing designer wash basin which is available in 2 different shapes with design craved on each basin. You can choose whichever appeals to you the most.

Piskes - Designer Natural Stone Sink


So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to replace your existing wash basin, pick one from the options listed above and get ready to give people you know some wash basin goals.