As a homeowner, you may always be fascinated by large bathroom spaces due to their space-efficiency and stylish patterns, perhaps not everyone is blessed with a luxurious bathroom. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a large bathroom space or a small one, you can always show your creativity and artistry along with praising it with what you love. And, one of the best things you can do is experiment with some vibrant, bold, and stylish textures. 

In spite of the fact that designing a small bathroom can be frugal and a daunting task, you can always make it vivid through quality high-end fittings that will embrace the feel of your space. 

Although, looking for bathroom designs for small spaces can be an overwhelming feeling, but trying to fit in everything is like forging a small and minimal space.

So, taking care of your small bathroom layout is the foremost thing you need to do. 

We’ve put together everything that will make your small bathroom space roomier and beautiful with space-saving tips and some gorgeous accessories. 

Below are some remodeling, decor, and storage tips that will spruce up your small bathroom:  


Wash Basin


Every small bathroom requires a multi-utility washbasin.

Pedestal Sinks are an unparalleled example of making your small bathroom feel more spacious. They will always add in more floor space along with hiding everything underneath. 

Besides that, metal sinks can also be an excellent choice if you wish you splurge your small bathroom with some luxurious and high-end fittings. You can always consider it as a quality investment as a small bathroom doesn’t require a lot of furnishings. 

Floating Sink can be another great example which will make your modern bathroom look incredibly aesthetic and chic. 

You can always plan to install a corner sink which makes it easy to walk around in the bathroom. 


Dew Drop - Designer Natural Stone Sink



Mosaic Tiles


No matter how small your bathroom is, Glass Mosaic Tiles will make it more exquisite and decorative. They can be a great fit for your bathroom walls, be it for a shower or highlighting the washbasin band.

A small bathroom can always be adorned with luxurious finishes as there isn’t much to play around with. You can always throw in some mosaics as beat the band styles or wall highlighting options. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles



Floor Tiles


Interior Design for the Bathroom isn’t that easy. Choosing the right floor tiles can be another exhausting task as there is a wide range of options available out there. 

You always need to pick one that is scratch, slip and stain resistant and works for you in the long-run. Your small bathroom flooring should always anchor the room with unique patterns. 

In addition to that, you can always lookout for some subtle, yet contemporary floor tiles which will make your space feel larger. 

An intricate tiling plan won’t embellish your small bathroom space. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 1



Wall Tiles


Wall Tiles can be bold and vibrant with beguiling textures and patterns. The climbing wall design is one more decorative thing that can be done to your vertical space. 

You can always adorn it with something palatial, as it will make your space feel larger. 


Designer Mosaic Tiles



Towel Bars


Ideally, towels always need to place on the towel rack, but when you’ve got limited space to yourself, mounting one on the shower door itself will be a practical choice. 

Moreover, you can always keep the remaining towels in the closet, and keeping one to yourself will be another comforting choice you can make. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 2


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Vanity Tray


Your small bathroom space can become one cluttered muster if you don’t fit in your articles perfectly. It is one of the most essential elements in your bathroom. 

However, you can collectively put together everything to your vanity tray for a sweet and clean display. It may also free up some space and make your room feel pristine. 




Unless you’ve got a mirror in your bathroom, it’s more obvious that your space will seem more compact than ever. Adding a mirror gives you the ability to make your small bathroom space feel more spacious while also adding to its visual appearance. 

Additionally, making your small bathroom design roomier, because every inch adds. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 3

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Book Shelf


It isn’t a strange phenomenon today. Bathrooms have turned out to be the most thoughtful rooms in our homes today. 

You definitely don’t need to skimp here. Accessorizing your bathroom with a book-shelf can turn out to be the best decision for you. Yes, you too can discover an idea that may change your life. 

Bookshelf in a small bathroom space can be placed in any heightened corner. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 4


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Tiny Cubbies


The simplest and the most eternal thing that you can do in your small bathroom space is keeping everything by your arms reach. 

You can always have some decorative tiny cubbies in your shower that can be utilized for both space and design. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 5


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Floating Vanities


A lot of us have a bunch of articles to put together in our small bathroom space. It creates a clumsy feeling. 

In this case, floating vanities below sinks and some extra storage baskets can do the job. 

You can also mount everything to the walls to free up some extra space. 


Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces: A Guide To Design Your Small Bathroom 6


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Designing a small bathroom is a gratifying feeling. 

It’s going to be a time-consuming process, as you need to shop for floor tiles to washbasin sinks for your space. One of the best things to do is to start from the top to the bottom, as we’ve affirmed in this blog post. 

Many of the 9 points above cover the best practices for bathroom design for small space and how you can turn yours into an inevitability eye-catching one. 

Use as many or as few of these to uplift the grace and charm of your bathroom, making it shinier and gloomier. 

So, how do you plan to use these articles in your small bathroom space? Let us know in the comments below.