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10 Natural Stone Bathroom Sink to Adorn your Bathroom

A bathroom sink is an inevitable part of any bathroom. However, it is also one of those things that people do not prefer to pay much attention too. Also, they are not willing to pay much for it. After all, a wash basin is just used for washing hands. Whether it is a simple one or a designer one, it is still going to serve the same purpose. So why to spend so much money on it? Well, you are wrong.

Wash basin adds to the décor of a bathroom. It acts as a focal point which is going to grab people’s attention. Don’t you want it to be a beautiful one? If yes is your answer then you might want to check out these beautiful natural stone wash basin designs. These stone bathroom sinks have unique designs and genuine and captivating look that are hard to find in ceramic and porcelain bathroom sinks.

Floral Gold

Isn’t this a beautiful natural stone wash basin? What do you think? Made from Jaisalmer yellow stone, this basin has a beautiful carving on its outer surface which makes it look very attractive.

stone sink

Sabbia Agua

This black marble sink has a very unique design and looks very beautiful on installation. Because of black color, Sabbia Agua stone sink can perfectly fit in all types of décor.


It is a beautiful spherical stone bathroom sink made in black marble and with its outer surface etched. The inner surface and the rim of the basin are kept black to make it look appealing and classy.

stone bathroom sink


If you love traditional Indian designs than this stone countertop wash basin will certainly attract you. This marble bathroom sink is given the shape of a traditional Indian cookware that would uplift the grace of your bathroom.

Zebra Triton

This is a beautiful cylindrical black marble wash basin with striped outer surface. This stone pedestal sink is a great option for those who do not have enough space to build a counter for wash basin in their bathroom.

stone pedestal sink


It is another beautiful pedestal bathroom sink that has a sculpture like shape. This stone wash basin comes in two parts – the pedestal and the bowl, which makes it easy to transport.


If you like sleek and long wash basins, then you will certainly like Anant stone wash basin. This stone sink looks very classy and will help you create alluring focal point in your washing area.

stone bathroom sink


This stone bathroom sink is in shape of a boat. It is made in emperador brown stone and will very much compliment light coloured walls. You however can get this wash basin customised in the stone of your choice.


This stone wash basin is the perfect pick for those who want to go with simple design but in natural stone. Burans is made in Italian Galala Stone and looks very elegant.

stone bathroom sink


It is a beautiful designer wash basin that can uplift the grace of any place. Made in Grey William stone, you can place this stone bathroom sink in your bathroom or dining area and see how people admire it.

If you like the design but not the colour of the stone, then you can also opt for custom made sinks. Capstonaoffers the bathroom sink customization services at a very reasonable price. However, availability of stone plays a very crucial part in this. Moreover, one should not expect to see two exact same wash basins. This is because, natural stone is subject to variation in colour and highlights.

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