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Natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, slate and quarried material are products of nature.

  1. All natural stone colors are species of natural materials; coloration; veining, and texture (i.e.: Pitts, fissures, and fragmentation) will vary from samples and will be the part of finished product.
  2. Thickness of natural stone may vary from product to product, even within the same species of stone.
  3. Same material are porous in nature and while it is highly resistant to staining and scratching, it can be subject to both. The fabricator makes no warranties implied or expressed as to stain resistance or imperviousness of the product to scratching.
  4. As all the products of CAPSTONA are handcrafted, hence, the given sizes are an approximation which may vary.

This warranty is limited to normal wear and tear does not cover damages resulting from misuse, abuse , prolonged exposure to liquid or oil, negligence, mishandling, unauthorized, modification, structural failure or damage that is considered as an act of God.

Understanding the above characteristics of natural stone as a counter surface will help you to enjoy the qualities that can only be realized with natural stone. Like no two human beings are identical, no two pieces of natural stone are identical and matching but when you choose a particular type of stone, all pieces came from the same family, and they have same characteristics with similar looks, not the same looks.

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