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Who wouldn't want to have an abode ornamented with appealing decor items and other luxurious amenities? People also adore decorating their bathrooms with stunning beauties such as tiles, modern water taps, and all those other offerings that would escalate the elegance of the bathroom.

An indispensable part of any bathroom is a wash basin or a bathroom sink. Be it a stone bathroom sinks or standalone bathroom sinks, they are sure to infuse immense magnificence to your entire bathroom. Irrespective of the theme and color pattern, these beauties shoot up the appeal of the bathroom and please the eyes.

Why go with Stone Bathroom Sinks or Standalone Bathroom Sinks?

A bathroom may look isolated in the absence of a Stone Bathroom Sink. Therefore, a majority of people prefer this amazing natural stone piece to beautify the overall aura of the bathroom. Secondly, oodles of color and pattern options available merges with the theme and design of your bathroom, thereby, boosting the glamour.

These natural stone wash basins are incredibly designed and carved out with a precision that not only makes them stunning but allows them to stand the test of time and toughness.

One usually overlooks fact about Standalone Bathroom Sinks and Stone Bathroom Sinks in India is "Space". They provide ample space to wash hands and face with comfort, hence, fulfilling the purpose they were built for. There are a plethora of people who love to have natural stone bathroom sink collection of different colors, sizes, patterns as well as design.

Last but not the least, stone bathroom sinks and/or standalone bathroom sinks are considered as one of the essentials from an interior design point of view. They are known to utilize the space of the bathroom effectively.

Capstona – Offering Premium Quality Stone Bathroom Sinks and Standalone Bathroom Sinks

If one is looking forward to adorning his/her bathroom space, then Capstona, one of the leading Natural  Stone products manufacturers and exporters, ends the search for its top-notch quality and pocket-friendly Stone Bathroom Sinks and Standalone Bathroom Sinks.

The unmatched designs of Standalone and Stone Bathroom Sinks make Capstona a preferred choice for all those who wish to have a luxurious feel in their bathroom. The natural stone vessel bathroom sinks are another set of beauties that are sure to bewitch their spectators.

At Capstona, apart from offering picturesque Standalone Bathroom Sinks and Stone Bathroom Sinks, excellent customer services remains an apex priority. Support and guidance throughout the installation are offered to the customers. Also, the shipping and handling of the natural stone wash basins and other natural stone products are taken care of with safe packaging options.

Capstona is one of the established brands in the field of natural stone products. Its bathroom sink collection and other natural stone products are proudly handmade. The artistry of its master artisans tuned with modern technology make its natural stone products one of the finest available in the market.

Capstona symbolizes beauty and art in the market of natural stone. It represents the age-long tradition founded by Greek architects nearly four thousand years ago.

This phenomenal work of art is the outcome of time and labor expended by the artisans at Capstona. Its intricate colorful patterns and images reflected in the austerity and solidity of stone are marvelous and appealing.


Length : 370 mm

Breadth : 370 mm

Height : 130 mm


Length : 410 mm

Breadth : 410 mm

Height : 130 mm


Shape : Uneven Rectangular Shape



Tear Drop Black


Calicanto Black

Finish : Mirror Polished

Color : Yellow


Length : 560 mm

Breadth : 400 mm

Height : 80 mm

Finish : Mirror Polished

Color : Black

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