Pedestal Wash Basins

A Pedestal wash basin adds sophistication to the bathroom and escalates its charm. These premium quality pedestal wash basins from Capstona are incredibly designed and intelligently build. These splendor pieces of wash basins are built to last. They are manufactured from natural stone which stand the test of both time and toughness.

On entering the bathroom, the first thing that is noticed by everyone is a wash basin. If it is standing elegantly then it is sure to amaze its spectators. Be it standalone wash basin or pedestal wash basin, it undoubtedly adds a magnificence to the aura of your bathroom.

Pedestal Wash Basins by Capstona

A leading natural stone products manufacturer and supplier, Capstona offers pedestal wash basins along with counter-top wash basins that are capable of attracting people towards them. Available in wide range of colors, patterns as well as designs, these bathroom sinks are beautiful yet durable enough to stand the test of time as well as toughness.

Along with serving their core purpose, Stone Pedestal Sinks aids in complementing other accessories in your bathroom effectively. These sinks offer an essence of purity of natural stones.

Brilliant Quality

Made of natural stone, which is known for its robustness, pedestal bathroom sink epitomizes durability. Amazingly carved, these basins are enveloped with incredible design and eye capturing pattern.

Numerous Color Themes

The pedestal wash basins available at Capstona are made from various different stones thereby offering you the choice of color and pattern. No matter what is the size of your bathroom or what color are its tiles, these stone wash basins are available in different patterns to match almost all types of bathroom decor and boost its charm.

Zig Zag Triton

Length : 410 mm

Breadth : 410 mm

Height : 830 mm

Tatoo Triton Rectangle

Tatoo Triton Big

Length : 460 mm

Breadth : 460 mm

Height : 830 mm

Sholezar Black

Length : 724 mm

Breadth : 420 mm

Height : 850 mm

Rectangle Taper Triton

Length : 560 mm

Breadth : 405 mm

Height : 825 mm


Length : 430 mm

Breadth : 430 mm

Height : 830 mm

Taper Triton

Length : 430 mm

Breadth : 430 mm

Height : 830 mm


Length : 400 mm

Breadth : 400 mm

Height : 900 mm


Length : 430 mm

Breadth : 430 mm

Height : 830 mm

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