Elevation and Wall Tiles for Home 

These natural stone elevation tiles for home will not only amplify the look of your living room, kitchen and dining but will also enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchen are available in plethora of designs. These bathroom wall tile designs, with their vibrant and lively colors, are sure to mesmerize anyone who witness them in a perfectly installed state. The natural stone wall tiles are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, textures and designs and can perfectly blend with any type of interior design style.

Beautiful Natural Stone Tiles

Since walls are one of the most visible parts of your home, it is very important to ensure that they are beautiful enough to appeal to the people. Thus, it is advisable that while selecting natural stone or glass mosaic tiles for home, people should have a good idea about the aura of their home and if these tiles would compliment it or not.One of the core reasons why people should finalize stone tiles for their home is that these tiles are robust enough to stand the test of time and toughness. Stone wall tiles are very durable can easily last for 10 years or more with very little or no maintenance.

Semi Precious Tiles Manufacturers

Capstona offers the best quality of natural stone elevation tiles for home and offices. From its wide range of products, you can easily find wall tiles for bathroom, dining, kitchen or other parts of your home. Apart from wall tiles we are also semi precious tiles manufacturer and exporter of elegant wall tiles.The designer tiles from Capstona will add charm to the floor and embellish the look of it.

Being a semi-precious tile exporter we also hold an apex position when it comes to supplying the wall tiles online. As we produce in bulk, we efficiently supply wall tiles in wholesale quantity too. We are leading natural stone tile supplier not only in India but in international market too.

Kseniya 3

Code : 666051

Application : CI, CE, BF, BW, F

Chip Size : 23 X 23

Tile Size : 367 X 367

Kseniya 4

Code : 666053

Application : CI, CE, BF, BW, F

Chip Size : 23 X 23

Tile Size : 327 X 327

Kseniya 2

Code : 666030

Application : CI, CE, BF, BW, F

Chip Size : 20 X 20

Tile Size : 327 x 327

Continuity Beige

Code : 666046

Tile Size : 300mm X 300mm

Length : 10mm

Breadth : 198mm

Height : 8mm

Continuity Brown

Code : 666045

Tile Size : 300mm X 300mm

Length : 10mm

Breadth : 98mm

Height : 8mm

Accent Opus

Code : 666048

Tile Size : 302mm X 300mm

Length : 23mm

Breadth : 6mm

Accent Trapazoid

Code : 666047

Tile Size : 309mm X 296mm

Length : 10/15mm

Breadth : 48mm

Height : 6mm


Code : 666044

Tile Size : 300mm X 300mm

Length : 23mm

Breadth : 23mm

Height : 8mm

Hexagon Champagne

Code : 666043

Tile Size : 280mm X 300mm

Length : 27mm

Breadth : 6mm

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