Mother of Pearl

Also known as Nacre, Mother of Pearl is a fusion of minerals that is secreted by oysters inside their own shells. Decor items and basins produced from Mother of Pearl flabbergast everyone. Basins made up of Mother of Pearls are quintessential of beauty and with its gleam and shimmer tone, they lift up the charisma of any bathroom.
  Capstona offers basins creatively and artistically carved out of Mother of Pearl. The basin offering is elegant yet robust enough to stand the test of time and durability. Available in various colors, shades, texture and pattern, Mother of Pearl basins are sure to leave anyone in sheer awe.


Length : 570 mm

Breadth : 370 mm

Height : 170 mm


Length : 420 mm

Breadth : 420 mm

Height : 132 mm

Keral MOP

Length : 406 mm

Breadth : 406 mm

Height : 152 mm

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