Metal Idols

Beautiful, unique and gorgeous brass metal idols to heighten the beauty and spirituality of a home or work place. These brass idols can also serve as the perfect gift for your relatives especially during religious celebrations and festivities. Made with premium quality material, these idols will spread good luck and happiness around your house.

Metal Idols Collection

Our collection of metal idols include major Hindu Deities namely Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna and many more. People in India often prefer to gift Ganesh Idols when someone is starting something new. This is why, we have a varied collection of Metal Ganesh Idols. People also prefer keeping Ganpati Idols in their home or gift it to their friends and relatives because they believe that he can remove all obstacles in their life. So, gift your loved ones a Ganpati metal idol so that it gives them power to change their worries and concern into success.

We also have collection of Shiva metal idols, who is considered to be the most powerful deity according to Hinduism.He is the fearless one and also the member of trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is considered to be the giver of happiness and immense bliss.

Our collection of metal idols also include idols of Lord Krishna and Radha who glorifies love like no other. We also have varied collection of Buddha Statues that are a symbol of motivation, inner peace and fortune for human beings. You can also find brass idols of Nataraj, Hanuman, Sarswati and Laxmi in our collection.

Explore our collection of brass metal idols and pick them for you and as gift for your loved ones.

Brass Shiva without Base

Code : 53/30200

Length : 20"

Breadth : 12"

Height : 34.5"

Brass Shiva Standing

Code : 36/9015

Length : 21"

Breadth : 11"

Height : 7"

Brass Shiva Sitting

Code : 45/3720

Length : 8"

Breadth : 5"

Height : 10"

Brass Shiva Seated

Code : 43/2550

Length : 7"

Breadth : 3"

Height : 8.5"

Brass Laxmi Standing Fine

Code : 10/32800

Length : 18"

Breadth : 12.5"

Height : 40"

Brass Laxmi on Lotus

Code : 12/11500

Length : 11"

Breadth : 8.5"

Height : 16"

Brass Saraswati Seated

Code : 44/2680

Length : 6"

Breadth : 4"

Height : 7.5"

Brass Radha Krishna

Code : 54/34900

Length : 20"

Breadth : 12.05"

Height : 30"

Brass Krishna with Cow

Code : 52/33900

Length : 14"

Breadth : 12"

Height : 28.5"

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