Glass Carpet

Unfurl on the floor enchanting glass carpet embedded with incredible design and pace stylishly on it. Spread the elegance on the floor either as a flooring or as a mat, a glass carpet is sure to give an impression of a picturesque floor landscape.

Why Buy Glass Carpet?

Even a small space can be enhanced with the use of glass carpets. While a living room is an obvious choice for an enthralling use of carpet made from glass, it could also enliven home, office or the entrance hall of any other establishment like hotel, restaurant etc. Glass carpets have the potential to add visual interest and also escalate the charisma of the place where they are installed to a new level altogether. They literally can becomes the center of attraction with its innovative design and magnificent look.

Glass Carpets on Capstona are available in two different colors which are red and blue. The major reason why we chose these two colors is that they have the potential to blend with almost any type of decor. The glass carpet is a luxury product and once installed it is sure to give you a palace like feeling.

Although the design of these carpets appear very much similar to those traditional rugs available in the local market, their look and feel is very much different. Be it the blue one or the red one, glass carpet will add a classy appeal to your floor. Anyone who sees it will not be able to resist himself from complementing it.


Code : 666023

Application : F

Carpet Size : 7ft X 5ft


Code : 666022

Application : F

Carpet Size : 7ft X 5ft

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