Stone borders are a great way to provide an appealing finish to your floors and walls.Available in varied patterns, these magnificent pieces of stones will uplift the grace of your floors and will add a magnificent touch to your walls.

Usually placed across the edge of the garden, these elegant pieces of stones arranged in specific pattern will keep grass within the garden boundary and thereby eliminating the need for edge trimming.Not only do they look amazing and alluring, but they also require almost no maintenance. Along with garden, these stone borders can also be used in path or driveway. These simple yet subtle borders, with their  graceful curves, will adorn your abode and provide a refined look.

Why Buy Natural Stone Borders from Capstona?

An enthralling outline is indispensable for creating gorgeous exterior of a house or office. The natural stone border is sure to draw lots of attention with its sophistication, which makes it really classy. Capstona aims to captivate the spectators by offering a wide variety of border designs for the ornamenting purpose. You can even get these floor highlighters customized according to the design of your floors.

How to get your Borders Customized?

The process of getting your stone borders customized with Capstona is very easy. Select your design and send it to us. Tell us your choice of stones. Also, do not forget to mention the dimensions you want for your borders. If the design is practically possible and all the stones which you want are available, then we will manufacture your order at the earliest. If not, then we will suggest you the best alternatives. Once we receive approval from you, we will move on to the manufacturing process. You can contact us for getting your stone floor and wall ornaments customized at the earliest.

2020 B.W.

Rainbow 10/10

Tile Size : 70 X 300 mm

Mix Sand Stone 10/10

Tile Size : 70 X 300 mm

Terra Beige Stone 10/10

Tile Size : 70 X 300 mm

Mix Marble 10/10

Tile Size : 70 X 300 mm

E-Cross R.P.

E-Cross Teak

Tile Size : 76 X 300 mm

Diamond Square G.W.

Tile Size : 76 X 300 mm

Diamond Square B.W.

Tile Size : 76 X 300 mm

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