Natural Stone Wash Basin Care Guide

Who does not love natural stone wash basins? Be it their colour, texture or shape, everything is so appealing about them. However, one thought that often stops people from buying natural stone sinks is “how to clean and maintain these sinks”? Well cleaning stone wash basins is no rocket science. In fact, caring for a natural stone sink is very easy. You just have to put in little efforts and they will retain their colour and texture for many years.

Here is a list of some useful tips which will allow you to maintain your natural stone wash basin with ease.

3 Key Points for your Stone Wash Basin

  • After every use, rinse your stone sink with clean water. This needs to be done in order to ensure that no harmful chemicals and residues are left behind that would build up on the surface or corrode the stone.

  • Wash your stone wash basin with mild detergents at least once a week and dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as acid or toilet cleaners as this would permanently damage your washbasin. You can however use mild dishwashers.

  • Concrete floors are very hard and hence it becomes really uncomfortable to stand on these floors for a longer period of time. This is not the case with tile flooring. You can stand on them comfortably for a fairly good amount of time.

  • Never ever use abrasive products on your stone sink. Avoid using harsh scrubbers as this would scratch your wash basin’s surface.

Always follow these 3 points and you will see how your natural stone washbasin will last beautifully for 10, 15 and even 30 years.

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Caring for Natural Stone Washbasin in Hard Water Areas

If you live in a city like Udaipur, where hard water is a prominent problem, you might have to dry your sink after every use. Remember to use a soft cloth for drying your stone basin. You need to do this to prevent scale formation which is a very common problem in areas that receive water high in mineral content.

Drying your basin after every use seems quite daunting, isn’t it? Well, the easy solution is to rinse your sink with clean warm water and dry it with a clean and soft cloth every night before you go to sleep.

The problem with hard water is that if you let it stand on your natural stone wash basin for too long, it will accumulate and soon form deposits. Once the deposit is formed, it might become difficult for you to make your sink sparkling clean. In worst cases, it might stain the stone. Well, in that case, you will have to contact a natural stone expert who will be able to assist you regarding the removal of that stain.

Cleaning Solution for Natural Stone Sink

There is no doubt that various specialised cleaning products are available in the market today that claim to keep your natural stone products in pristine condition. However, they are often costly and you do not necessarily need to buy those products. You can use any mild soap available in your home. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners.

If you have housekeepers who are supposed to clean your washbasin, then educate them about how to properly take care of natural stone sink.

Is It A Good Choice to Opt for Artificial Grass?

The use of artificial turf these days is no longer restricted to golf courses, football grounds or other sports fields. It has become quite a common pick for home landscapes as well. Many people feel that artificial grass does not make any sense for home applications as installation cost is very high and they become too hot to walk on during hot summer days. Well, this is true but not entirely.

First, let’s talk about the installation part. It is true that the initial cost for installing the synthetic grass is quite high as compared to the natural grass. However, if you consider the long-term plans, it can turn out to be a cheaper affair as compared to the natural grass. This is why artificial grass suppliers in India are growing considerably. Wondering how? Well, your answer is right here.

Artificial or synthetic grass does not require watering or mowing. Thus, you can save a good amount on your water bills. Also, mowers tend to release carbon emissions into the environment as they run on petrol. Thus, you will be doing a bit of good to the environment too. Moreover, a natural grass lawn requires mowing from time to time which would consume your time if you choose to do it by yourself or money if you choose to hire someone else to do it for you. However, this is not the case with artificial grass. In addition to that, artificial turf can last for many years with very little or no maintenance at all. Natural turf fields require high-maintenance in order to keep them green and patch-free.

Now coming to the second point which is regarding the heating of the grass surface. It is true that artificial grass gets heated up during bright sunny days. However, this does not stop people from installing it in the countries with hot climate. The reason behind this is quite simple. People know that they are not suppose to walk on sand or concrete bare-foot during bright sunny days as these surfaces can get incredibly hot. They need to apply the same logic for artificial grass as well. They shouldn’t walk barefoot on their artificial turf during hot summer days. Although artificial turf gets warm, it does not get blazing hot like brick walkway. However, it does not stay as cool as natural grass and hence shoes might be necessary. You can contact artificial grass supplier like Capstona who will provide you best quality artificial grass at a good price.

Many people are often reluctant to buy artificial grass because they feel that the heating of grass is completely contradictory to its nature and it might pose problems for them. Well, this is not the truth. People are accustomed to think that grass surface is supposed to remain cool no matter how hot it is. People aren’t wrong to think that as the concept of synthetic grass is quite new and not many people are used to it. However, one should realise that although synthetic grass looks much like the natural grass, it has its own set of characteristics which are different and better than the natural one. Some of these characteristics are listed below.

  1. No requirement of watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing or aerating which helps you save both time and money.
  2. It never gets muddy, no matter how much it rains.
  3. Artificial turf is drought friendly as it does not require water to remain healthy and green. This makes it a good option for areas prone to water scarcity.

How to keep your Artificial Grass Lawn Cool?

Although it is the nature of artificial turf to get warm under the sun, you can still manage to keep it cool by adopting certain measures some of which are listed below.

  1. You can install retractable awning which can be opened and closed as and when required to shade the lawn.
  2. You can use garden hose to rinse your synthetic grass lawn. This will bring down the surface temperature quickly.
  3. You can even use water sprinkler to cool down your artificial grass surface.

Artificial turf do gets heated up in the presence of strong sunlight but it also cools down quickly in the presence of shade. Moreover, its ability to save water, time and money surely makes it a perfect choice for both homes and offices. Contact artificial grass supplier now if you want to have a low maintenance terrace garden or lawn in your home.

Wallpapers or Tiles: Which is a Better Option?

Walls play a very crucial role in the décor of a home, office or any other establishment. Hence, it is very important to ensure that your walls have the perfect colour or style that would complement or rather enhance your décor. In addition, it should also be easy to clean and maintain and have a long life.

Many people prefer to put wallpaper on their walls or paint it while some choose to use tiles. People prefer wallpaper and paint because they believe that it would make their walls attain a beautiful look which is not possible with tiles. Little do they know that gone are the days when design options in tiles were very limited. These days, there are so many beautiful patterns available that many times tile adorned walls beat painted and wallpapered walls in beauty and elegance.

There are many reasons why tile can prove to be a better choice for your home instead of wallpaper or paint. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Easy to Clean

No matter how much one tries, he or she can never avoid stains and spills on the walls. Hence, it is very important to take into consideration the ease of cleaning while planning your interiors. When it comes to tiles, wallpapers and paint, tiled walls are much easier to clean as compared to others. Moreover, unlike painted or wallpapered walls, tiled walls do not wear or tear or develop blemishes when cleaned. Thus, this proves to be a great advantage as blemished or scuffed walls diminishes the beauty of a room.

Lasts Long

The problem with painted walls is that you might have to repaint it every 2-3 years in order to maintain its charm. Same is the case with wallpaper. You will have to replace it if it gets stained or torn off. However, tiled walls are very durable and long-lasting. Even though cost of installation for tiles is comparatively higher, it proves to be cost-efficient in the long run.


When it comes to bathrooms and kitchen, there is no better option than tiles. Since, these two spaces get in regular contact with water, it is very important to ensure that walls do not get damaged because of it. Paint and wallpaper, for obvious reasons, are not a good choice for your kitchen and bathroom walls. The best option would be to go for tiled walls since they are easy to clean and will look as good as new for a very long period of time.

Versatile Nature

Tiles help you create a versatile sense of style. You can opt for neutral toned tiles that will complement all décor styles. Thus, if your taste changes or you get bored with your current furniture, you can replace it without having to redo your walls. In case of wallpapered or painted walls, you might have to replace or repaint them in other to match your current taste which might burn a hole in your pocket.

Attractive Look

Be it porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles, there are endless options to choose from. No matter what style of tiles you choose, they will certainly provide an alluring and graceful look to your walls while adding a sumptuous touch to your décor.

When it comes to choosing between wallpaper, tiles and paint, tiles is any day a better choice unless you have a plan to redo your walls every 2 or 3 years. To have long-lasting graceful walls that are also very easy to clean, tiles is the option to go for.

The Care Tips for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular over the years as it requires very low-maintenance as compared to natural grass. However, one should know that it still requires some care and maintenance. Also, the lawn owners need to ensure that they do not do certain things which might damage their grass permanently.

It is true that you do not need to mow, water or fertilize your artificial turf in order to keep it healthy and ensure its longevity. However, you still have to take certain preventive measures to ensure its long life.

The Artificial Grass Care Guide

Clean your Artificial Grass

Although it is not necessary to clean your artificial turf daily but you must do so once in a while. However, if you live in a dusty area or have pets and children who use it a lot then you will have to clean your turf more frequently than others.

Even if you don’t have pets, you should wash it once in a while or when you feel your artificial grass lawn has become too dusty. However, this would be automatically taken care of during monsoon, when rains will wash off your lawn and give it a fresh look.

Brush After Placing Heavy Items

There is no harm in placing heavy items like inflatable swimming pool, flower pot etc. on your artificial turf. These items would not damage your turf but would certainly flatten it. Thus, in order to get your grass back in shape, brush the fibres back up again in the direction of your lawn.

Keep Away from Fire

Although synthetic grass does not catch fire but its fibres can certainly melt. Hence, it is advisable to prevent BBQ ashes, cigarettes and other hot items from coming into direct contact with your synthetic turf. Of course, if burnt artificial grass can be repaired but the damage would still be visible to some extent.

Let Snow Melt Away

Even if your area receives frequent snowfall, you do not have to worry about your synthetic turf getting damaged due to frost because it won’t. However, in case of snow layer formation over your artificial grass, you need to ensure that you let snow melt away naturally instead of removing it manually. This is simply because removing it manually might damage the fibres of your turf.

Prevent Contact with lubricants, charcoal, cigarettes

Although, stains on your synthetic turf can be removed completely, still you should avoid getting them in the first place. Your turf can get stained through spills and burns. Some spills such as lubricants, grease, acid etc. damage or discolour your grass which will create a huge problem for you. Thus, the best thing to do is to do your repair and grilling work away from your turf. Also avoid throwing cigarettes or smouldering charcoal which might cause damage to your turf.

Artificial grass is definitely a boon for those who have little time to spare for gardening. With low maintenance and little care, everyone can now have a garden in their backyard, terrace, balcony or wherever they want.

6 Reasons to Buy Artificial Grass

Who does not love to have a beautiful lush green lawn. In fact, it is a part of everyone’s dream home. However, one thing which cannot be ignored is that such a beautiful lawn will require a lot of care and maintenance. Now, if you are working or have passed your youth, it would not really be possible for you to devote time and efforts required to keep your grass green and healthy. In such a scenario, artificial grass or synthetic grass can prove to be the best choice for you.

Synthetic grass has gained huge popularity over the years because of numerous benefits it possesses. Listed below are 10 reasons which will motivate you to bring artificial grass today and fulfil your dream of having a beautiful garden at your home.

Why to Buy Artificial Grass?

  1. Saves Water: Maintaining a lush green lawn would require lots of water especially during summers. As a result, your water bills may go up. You can save on this cost an also save water if you choose to use artificial grass instead of the natural one. With this grass you can even have a beautiful lawn in the areas with water scarcity.

  2. Requires Low Maintenance: Artificial turf or grass requires very low maintenance. It does not require regular mowing or strimming as in the case of natural grass. Moreover, there will be no need for pesticides or wedding and fertilizers. Thus, it will save you both time and money.

  3. Remains Forever Green: Artificial turf does not require watering. Thus, it means that your garden will look as green in the drought as it will look in the monsoon.

  4. Saves you Money: Since artificial grass requires now mowing or strimming, it allows you to save a good amount of money which otherwise would be spent on buying lawnmowers or strimmers or hiring professional services.

  5. Environmental Friendly: This might be hard to digest but this is actually true. Artificial grass is more environmental friendly than natural grass. This is because you it does not require use of mowers that run on petrol and release carbon emissions. Also, they do not require use of pesticides and fertilizers which might penetrate into the soil and damage it.

  6. Not Muddy: You can use artificial turf to create your kids play area or around your swimming pool and not worry about bringing in mud and sludge back home.

If having a beautiful garden in your backyard or in your balcony has always been your dream then now is the time to fulfil it. Install artificial grass in the desired area of your house and let go of all the worries related to mowing, watering and fertilizing as you will not have to do any of these things.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Flooring over Brick Floor Paver

Natural stone and bricks possess a lot of common characteristics but they are different in many aspects. For example, while both of these flooring materials obtain their roots from earth, bricks are manufactured products while natural stone is obtained directly from the mountains.

While some people are now opting for natural stone flooring, many people still prefer the old brick flooring. Although, both of these flooring options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, natural stone flooring can certainly prove to be a better choice in today’s time and here is the list of reasons.

Natural Stone Flooring V/S Brick Flooring

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Abrasive Scrubbers

  1. Array of Options: When it comes to natural stone flooring, there are numerous categories to choose from slate, marble, limestone etc. These categories in turn offer options in terms of colour and size. However, options are very limited when it comes to brick flooring. In order to achieve a colour other than the iconic red, bricks are stained, painted and even treated with fancy decorative applications. These processes can change the colour of the bricks but not their hearth and stolid appearance.

  2. Radiant Heating System: Stone is said to be one of the most conductive materials available for flooring. Thus, it can be paired with radiant heating systems that are placed below the surface. This can provide you a very soothing feeling especially during cold chilly days. Bricks on the other hand are insulators and hence fitting surface heating systems would not be a wise choice for brick flooring.

  3. Durability: With proper care and maintenance, natural stone flooring can be made to retain the look and beauty for a very long period of time without needing to be replaced. The brick flooring on the other hand requires time to time application of sealing chemicals for their longevity. However, this would work only if the bricks are placed in the interiors. The exterior tile flooring will weather gradually over the years, exhibiting an aged look. While some people like this look many consider it to be odd and broken which demands for replacement.

  4. Premium Look: While floors made of natural stone provide a very classy and high-end look brick flooring fail to match the level. The look accomplished by them is less high-end as compared to natural stone flooring.

  5. Hardness: Both brick as well as stone flooring are hard but brick flooring becomes uncomfortable to stand on after a certain period of time. This is not the case with natural stone flooring. You can stand on your stone floors for a longer period of time as compared to brick flooring.

One of the main reasons why people prefer to avoid natural stone flooring is because it is quite expensive as compared to brick flooring or other flooring options. Like it is said, every good thing comes for a price. Same is the case with natural stone flooring. Initially they might demand for a little high investment, but this investment proves to be fruitful in the long run. Many people try to replicate the look of natural stone but there is no way they can replicate its feel. Thus, if you are creating a new home and want everything to look premium and classy then there is no better option than natural stone flooring.

10 Reasons Why Planting Trees is a Necessity and Not an Option

Since our school days, we have been taught the importance of trees. Our textbooks enlighten us about why you should plant trees, why cutting down trees is not a good thing to do, how trees affect your environment etc. However, as soon as we grow up enough to get out from the world these textbooks we forget all the good things that we learnt through them. Today, people are more interested in cutting down trees in order to get satisfy their greed for land. What they fail to realise is that with each tree cut down, they are harming mother earth and damaging the environment.

As a quick reminder, here are few points which will make you realise the importance of trees and motivate you to plant them instead of cutting down.

  1. Reason 1: They Release Oxygen

    Oxygen is vital for the survival of human beings and everyone knows that. It is the trees that consume our carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Imagine, from where we will get the most important constituent for survival in abundance if we cut down all the trees for more and more land.

    A very important thing to know about trees is that a matured leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. Thus, by cutting a tree, you reduce the amount of oxygen in air.

  2. Reason 2: They Clean Air

    The number of vehicles have increased subsequently over the years which means increased pollutants in the air. Apart from vehicles, air gets polluted with a lot of other factors like emissions from chimneys, air-conditioners, burning of fuels, mining operations etc. Air filled with such harmful pollutants cannot be fit for breathing and hence needs to be cleaned which is done by trees. They absorb pollutant gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides etc. and particulates from air and make it fit for breathing.

  3. Reason 3: They Cool Down City

    Trees absorb heat from our surroundings and release them into the air in the form of water vapour. They also shade our homes and streets. All these factors contribute in bringing down the temperature by 10°F.

  4. Reason 4: They Help in Energy Conservation

    When strategically planted around home and other properties, trees can actually help in cutting down air conditioning needs during summers. With their shade, they can keep your property cool. This also contributes lesser air pollution as less use of air conditioners means less release of harmful carbon emissions in air.

  5. Reason 5: They Shield from UV Rays

    Trees reduce exposure to Ultra Violet B radiation by roughly 50%., thereby guarding you against skin cancer.

  6. Reason 6: They Increase Property Value

    Homes with properly planted and fully-grown trees tend to get more value than those without trees at the time of resale. So, if you intent to get a good value for your property in the future, planting trees and maintaining them will be one of the very important tasks.

  7. Reason 7: They Control Noise and Unwanted Glare

    Planting trees in a proper way around your property can absorb loud noise from the environment. They even shield your home from the unwanted glare from the street or your neighbour’s window.

  8. Reason 8: They Hold Soil in Place

    The roots of trees grow deep into soil and hold it firmly in its place, thereby preventing soil erosion. It is because of this reason, planting trees in altogether more important especially in hilly areas where chances of good soil being washed away by rain water is very high.

  9. Reason 9: They Add Beauty

    Trees can add unique character and beautify your place in such a way that no other thing can do. They create a sense of place.

  10. Reason 10: They are Important for your Physical and Mental Wellness

    Certain studies prove that having a view of trees and green space can help in healing, decreasing stress and having a quality time.

So, next time when you think of cutting down a tree, realise that you are not only harming mother earth, but yourself too.

8 Tips to Make your Home Summer Ready

With summers waving hi, it is high time to start making your home summer-ready. While some people don’t think it is important, many people don’t even consider it which is wrong. You do change your wardrobe, eating habits and daily routine according the season, so why not your home. Here are 8 tips to make your home summer ready.

  1. Set the Windows Functional

    It is that time of the year when you can open your doors and windows to let the fresh air come in. Ensure that your windows are not jammed. Clean them thoroughly as winters might leave behind a layer of dust and dirt on your windows which can enter your home and dirty it.

  2. Add Greenery to your Surroundings

    Plants play a very crucial role in purifying the air and keeping your surrounding cool. So, grow some plants in your garden. You do not need to have a not have a big garden to add greenery to your home. You can grow plants in pots and put them in your balcony and porch. You can even buy some indoor plants to place in your living room, dining area or anywhere you want. If you have big garden then you can even plant your own summer vegetables.

  3. Check your cooling system

    Ensure that your air-conditioner and water cooler are functioning correctly so that you do not get stuck stifling heat once the temperature rises. Also clear and change the filters if needed.

  4. Check your Refrigerator

    Although the use of a refrigerator does not get completely eliminated during winters but it certainly decreases. So, if the cooling of the fridge is not very effective, you might fail to notice it. So, get it checked by the technician to ensure that it is working correctly and there is no ice-build up. Also, get rid of all the unwanted items to make room for summer essentials.

  5. Rearrange your Furniture

    It is that time of the year when you can open your doors and windows to let the fresh air come in. Ensure that your windows are not jammed. Clean them thoroughly as winters might leave behind a layer of dust and dirt on your windows which can enter your home and dirty it.

  6. Replace your Bedsheets and Covers

    During winters, people are likely to use heavy bedspreads and covers for their beds and sofas respectively which are warm and gives a comfy feeling. However, for summers you will have to replace these with the lighter ones preferably made from cotton or linen.

  7. Use Summer Scents

    Place diffusers, candles and flowers in your living room and bedroom to create a refreshing environment for the summer season.

  8. Install Solar Lights

    If you do not already have solar lights then you can consider installing them for the summer season to lit up your backyard area during night. You do not necessarily have to go for expensive lights as there are many inexpensive options available in the market.

Since summers are already knocking at your door, now is the right time to start getting your home ready for the summers. So, pull up your socks and start prepping your home so that you can enjoy the season thoroughly.

8 Uses of Mosaic Tiles for your Home

Mosaic Tiles are one of the most popular and widely used tiles in the market. There origin can be traced back to the Roman and Greek times. However, they have evolved with time and are now available in various different designs and patterns. These tiles are used to give a beautiful and original appearance to houses.

Mosaic tiles are available in various different types such as ceramic mosaic, organic tiles, creative tiles, glass mosaics etc. which can be used for different purposes. Listed below are 8 uses of mosaic tiles for beautifying your home.


Kitchen is said to be the heart of home and it is very important to have a beautiful heart. You can use mosaic tiles on the countertop or to create backsplash design. These tiles will undoubtedly add new charm to your kitchen.

Living Room

To create cohesive interiors for your home, you can choose to cover your half or entire walls with these tiles. With huge variety available to choose from, finding mosaics that suits your taste would not be a tough task.


Mosaics can indeed help you create beautiful floors. Be it your bathroom floors, living room floors or the backyard, you can use these tiles to create alluring floors and pathways.


You can use mosaic tiles in your shower area to give it a luxurious look and an enchanting appeal. When a place looks beautiful, your shower automatically becomes more enjoyable.


You can use these tiles to create a beautiful counter for your basin in your bathroom or dining area. It will provide an exotic look to your place.


If you have a nice garden, you can use mosaics to create beautiful seats. For comfort you can always place some comfortable cushions.


Bathroom is as important as any other part of your house. Hence, it is important to make it beautiful. You can use these tiles to create spectacular wall-décor. You can use them around the mirror or cabinet or in any other way you want.


Plants always make your house look beautiful but when you decide to create mosaic planters, the beauty of your house increases fourfold.

If you are planning to renovate your house or create a new one, consider using mosaic tiles to add beauty and grace to your house. It will help you create décor that you will love looking at.