Designers’ top tips for creating luxe bathrooms

The bathroom – no longer simply a functional room, but more often a space to unwind, pamper yourself and retreat. From old-school glamour to marbled opulence or sophisticated and streamlined designs, there are countless ways to transform the bathroom into a luxurious and glamorous place of indulgence.


The elegant and eye-catching black and white tiles add a touch of old-school glamour to this en suite bathroom, with the deep cast iron black clawfoot bath a bold focal point. Brushed metal brass fittings complete the traditional look.

en suite bathroom Classic black and white tiles meet crisp white walls and brass fittings for a look of sophistication in this en suite bathroom.

graphic tile mosaic A floor to ceiling graphic tile mosaic is a powerful statement piece that adds the ‘wow’ factor.

A graphic tile design can create an immediate impact in a bathroom. These glass mosaic tiles not only add colour and pattern to the sophisticated design, they are a dramatic showpiece.

white fluffy robes Two white fluffy robes deliver a ‘spa-like’ vibe.

Being able to look outdoors while privately soaking in this deep free-standing bath adds to the feeling of indulgent relaxation.


Statement lighting such as a sparkling chandelier or pendant can give an instant glitzy appeal, as this Wellington bathroom demonstrates. “Add a beautiful framed mirror to reflect light back into the room,” says its interior designer Bridget Foley.

sparkling chandelier

Interior designers Bridget Foley and Natalie Du Bois give their expert tips on how to add a touch of glamour to the bathroom:

Bridget Foley says:

* Bring in sparkle with mirrors that bounce light.

* Add accessories in metallic colours, such as silver bowls to hold jewellery, or a beaten copper tray.

* Invest in little extras, such as liquid soap in a beautiful dispenser and plenty of fresh puffy towels.

* Don’t let a glam bathroom down with supermarket packaging.

* Glossy surfaces (rather than matt) also work to bounce light around the room and make the space feel more lavish.

* Hide as much clutter as possible with clever storage – there’s no need to display toilet rolls and toothbrushes.

* Splash out on hardwearing, timeless surfaces like marble and Caesarstone – it’s a false economy to cut corners as water and steam will eventually mean cheaper products need replacing.

Natalie Du Bois says:

* Incorporate some soft touches, such as an upholstered ottoman alongside the bath.

* Brushed-steel tapware is a deluxe take on standard chrome.

* Opt for a sculpted, curvaceous shape rather than straight lines.

* Where possible, build in recessed niches for candles or individual flowers in a vase.

* A rain-head shower rose, built into the ceiling (with its own lighting incorporated) lends blissful opulence.


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Wall Claddings

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