7 Reasons Why Natural Stone Products are Eco-friendly

People complain about untimely rainfalls, excessive rise in temperature, glaciers melting all the time. There is a global outcry over climate change but what is actually being done about it. Yes, planting trees, reducing pollution, avoiding the use of plastics etc. are some of the ways in which you can contribute your bit to the environment. But apart from these, there is one more way through which you can ensure that you are saving your environment and not harming it – the way is by using eco-friendly building materials.

Eco-friendly building materials – what is that? Can building materials really damage the environment? Sadly, the answer is YES.

But how modern building materials are a threat to the environment?

Modern building are often made from chemicals, plastics and other harmful substances that causes harm to the environment in one way or the other. The sad part is, these building materials are now dominating the commercial and residential building markets.

There are certain building materials that claim to be recyclable but who knows, they might just end up in a landfill. Have you ever seen a demolition crew sorting and recycling the debris? I am guessing not.

Let’s consider that the materials will be recycled. But won’t that recycling process generate waste and where do you think that waste is going to end up in? A landfill, of course which then contaminates the environment.

Considering the number of construction happening across the world, it is high time, builders and property owners start considering environmental friendly materials for their projects like natural stone.

Why Use Natural Stone Products as Building Materials?

Lasts Forever (Almost)

Natural stone lasts for a very long time as compared to other building materials. Stone is very durable and has high endurance. Proof of this is various ancient monuments like Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Taj Mahal in India etc. These are made with natural stone and still stand tall and look as charming as ever.

Requires Very Low Maintenance

Natural stone is very durable. As a result, it requires very low maintenance and care. The only care it would need is cleaning them from time to time, in case they get too dirty because of environmental pollution or dust and dirt.

Lower Environmental Impact

Natural stone industry have adopted new technologies that prevent unnecessary environmental damage. Also, in many cases, modern mining techniques have replaced quarries that cause very little impact on surrounding areas. Most importantly, natural stone creates fewer kilograms of carbon dioxide per ton when compared to other building materials like steel, timber, slate and concrete. Density of natural stone also provides it energy saving benefits that other materials lack.

Looks Beautiful

Natural stone can be used to give complex building designs a very gorgeous look. It also connects people with nature in ways that artificial building materials never will.

Can be Recycled and Reused

Most of the building materials cannot be recycled and if they can, they might create bigger problems. However, if you recycle natural stone, it will still be natural stone and would not cause environmental damage like plastic does. In fact, natural stone from various old buildings have been retrieved and reused in modern buildings. What more proof do you need?

No Synthetic Ingredients

Natural stone lasts for a very long time as compared to other building materials. Stone is very durable and has high endurance. Proof of this is various ancient monuments like Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Taj Mahal in India etc. These are made with natural stone and still stand tall and look as charming as ever.

Social Responsibility and Green Standards

Looking at the increasing demand for social responsibility and green certification standards, natural stone is here to stay. Moreover, choosing natural stone over heavier polluting building materials helps builders, institution and home owners give their bit to the environment.

The best part about natural stone is that it requires very little maintenance and care. Also, it lasts for a very long time. You might find it expensive initially but it certainly proves to be economical in the long run. You can find wide collection of natural stone wash basins, stone tiles, wall cladding tiles etc. that can enhance the beauty of your home in eco-friendly way.


The Semi-precious Stone Therapy

Many times in life people feel dejected and many times they are unable to stay completely focused in the work they are doing. Many times they feel that negative vibes have taken a toll on their happy life. People are meant to live a happy and positive life. Hence, all the factors that spread negativity and take away their happiness needs to be eliminated. One way to do this is to use semi-precious stones. Yes, you read it right. Semi-precious stones are said to possess healing powers that can bring stability and relaxation in your life.

Here is a list of a few semi-precious stones that can fill your life with positivity and are also available quite easily in both online and offline market.

Red Jasper

If in life you feel that stress is tearing you down, then you can certainly rely on the energy of Red Jasper. Its comforting essence will help you cope up with the stress in your life. This stone also encourages a positive and joyful attitude, thereby providing you with the necessary motivation to chase your dreams. Red Jasper is also considered to be lucky for people involved in creative business as it helps them exhibit creative ideas. Since ancient times, this stone is considered to be nurturer. Thus, it soothes the mind of anxiety thereby allowing you to focus on other important things.

Black Tourmaline

Whenever you feel that negativity is overpowering the positivity in your life, then it is time to bring in the black tourmaline stone in your life. It will not only shield you from negative vibes but will also improve your self-confidence. This stone also has the ability to relieve stress and anxiety so that you can focus more on productive activities. Not just this, black tourmaline is said to possess several other benefits such as increasing alertness, strengthening immunity and improving alertness.


This stone is being linked to success, prosperity, spirituality, wealth and mental peace. If you get angry too often then you must definitely start wearing this stone. Amethyst helps you stay calm and also protect your mind from all the negative thoughts. It is termed as nature’s tranquilizer because of its ability to relax both mind as well as nervous system. This stone can even enhance your intuition and help you meditate in a better and effective way.


If you feel demotivated in your life or feel that your creativity is not at par, then you can bring in the Carnelian stone in your life. It is considered to be a stabilising stone that can restore energy and motivation and also stimulate creativity. This stone also gives courage and promotes positive life choices. Carnelian can shield you from envy, rage and resentment and also help you get out from you depression.

Tourmaline Quartz

With the combined power of clear quartz and black tourmaline, tourmaline quartz can protect its wearer from negativity and also convert the negative energy into positive energy. As the light resonated from this semi-precious stone surrounds your body, a protective field of energy is created that shields the person from harm, tension and any kind of negativity. This stone is also considered to be an effective problem solver and also a symbol of unity. Psychologically, Tourmaline Quartz can also help in alleviating self-sabotage.

Clear Quartz

Also known as stone of power, it is one of the purest forms of quartz available in the market. This semi-precious stone has the potential to keep your immune system strong and also relive your body of stress, anxiety and cold like symptoms.

Black Obsidian

It is a very powerful stone that can increase your self-control. This stone has the power to release negative charges and imbalances from your life. It also facilitates meditation and help you get over your past love which is often very hard to let go off.

Yellow Quartz

It is a very useful stone as it provides relief from nervousness and exhaustion. This stone sharpens one’s memory and also improves concentration skills. It also provides protection from lethargy and depression. The physical benefits of yellow quartz include enhancement of brain functions and metabolism and ease of digestive system ailments. It also provides an aid in food tolerance and hyperactivity.

After knowing about the benefits of several semi-precious stones, the next question which is likely to come in one’s mind is how to actually use these stones. Well, there are several ways to use these stones. One of the most common ways is to wear them in the form of jewelery. The other way is to carry the stone in your pocket. This way you will always be in touch with your healing crystal. Lastly, you can place them as decorative stone in your home. This will enhance the beauty of your place while filling your place with its positive aura.

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