Get wooed by elegant Wash Basins

Apart from appealing wall tiles, an elegant Wash Basin installed in the nook of the bathroom awestruck anyone and everyone. A delighting wave rush through us when we wash our hands or face in magnificent wash basin. This show stealer is broadly classified into two categories: Pedestal Wash Basins and Standalone Wash Basins.

Standalone Wash Basins

Standalone wash basins by Capstona epitomize the purity of natural stone. Available in plethora of color and pattern options, standalone wash basins are sure to leave their spectators in a sheer awe. No matter which design or color of standalone wash basin you pick, it is sure to compliment the other add-ons of your bathroom. Built from premium quality natural stone, these wash basins are elegant yet robust enough to last for a very long time.

Pedestal Wash Basins

A Pedestal wash basin adds sophistication to the bathroom and escalates its charm. These premium quality pedestal wash basins from Capstona are incredibly designed and intelligently build. These splendor pieces of wash basins are built to last. They are manufactured from natural stone which stand the test of both time and toughness.

Wash Basins at Capstona

Capstona falls in the category of leading wash basin manufactures. It also holds an apex position when it comes to wash basin suppliers. It has to offer wide range of wash basins with vibrant colors and terrific patterns. Get flabbergasted with an elegant collection of wash basins at Capstona.