Is It A Good Choice to Opt for Artificial Grass?

The use of artificial turf these days is no longer restricted to golf courses, football grounds or other sports fields. It has become quite a common pick for home landscapes as well. Many people feel that artificial grass does not make any sense for home applications as installation cost is very high and they become too hot to walk on during hot summer days. Well, this is true but not entirely.

First, let’s talk about the installation part. It is true that the initial cost for installing the synthetic grass is quite high as compared to the natural grass. However, if you consider the long-term plans, it can turn out to be a cheaper affair as compared to the natural grass. This is why artificial grass suppliers in India are growing considerably. Wondering how? Well, your answer is right here.

Artificial or synthetic grass does not require watering or mowing. Thus, you can save a good amount on your water bills. Also, mowers tend to release carbon emissions into the environment as they run on petrol. Thus, you will be doing a bit of good to the environment too. Moreover, a natural grass lawn requires mowing from time to time which would consume your time if you choose to do it by yourself or money if you choose to hire someone else to do it for you. However, this is not the case with artificial grass. In addition to that, artificial turf can last for many years with very little or no maintenance at all. Natural turf fields require high-maintenance in order to keep them green and patch-free.

Now coming to the second point which is regarding the heating of the grass surface. It is true that artificial grass gets heated up during bright sunny days. However, this does not stop people from installing it in the countries with hot climate. The reason behind this is quite simple. People know that they are not suppose to walk on sand or concrete bare-foot during bright sunny days as these surfaces can get incredibly hot. They need to apply the same logic for artificial grass as well. They shouldn’t walk barefoot on their artificial turf during hot summer days. Although artificial turf gets warm, it does not get blazing hot like brick walkway. However, it does not stay as cool as natural grass and hence shoes might be necessary. You can contact artificial grass supplier like Capstona who will provide you best quality artificial grass at a good price.

Many people are often reluctant to buy artificial grass because they feel that the heating of grass is completely contradictory to its nature and it might pose problems for them. Well, this is not the truth. People are accustomed to think that grass surface is supposed to remain cool no matter how hot it is. People aren’t wrong to think that as the concept of synthetic grass is quite new and not many people are used to it. However, one should realise that although synthetic grass looks much like the natural grass, it has its own set of characteristics which are different and better than the natural one. Some of these characteristics are listed below.

  1. No requirement of watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing or aerating which helps you save both time and money.
  2. It never gets muddy, no matter how much it rains.
  3. Artificial turf is drought friendly as it does not require water to remain healthy and green. This makes it a good option for areas prone to water scarcity.

How to keep your Artificial Grass Lawn Cool?

Although it is the nature of artificial turf to get warm under the sun, you can still manage to keep it cool by adopting certain measures some of which are listed below.

  1. You can install retractable awning which can be opened and closed as and when required to shade the lawn.
  2. You can use garden hose to rinse your synthetic grass lawn. This will bring down the surface temperature quickly.
  3. You can even use water sprinkler to cool down your artificial grass surface.

Artificial turf do gets heated up in the presence of strong sunlight but it also cools down quickly in the presence of shade. Moreover, its ability to save water, time and money surely makes it a perfect choice for both homes and offices. Contact artificial grass supplier now if you want to have a low maintenance terrace garden or lawn in your home.

The Care Tips for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular over the years as it requires very low-maintenance as compared to natural grass. However, one should know that it still requires some care and maintenance. Also, the lawn owners need to ensure that they do not do certain things which might damage their grass permanently.

It is true that you do not need to mow, water or fertilize your artificial turf in order to keep it healthy and ensure its longevity. However, you still have to take certain preventive measures to ensure its long life.

The Artificial Grass Care Guide

Clean your Artificial Grass

Although it is not necessary to clean your artificial turf daily but you must do so once in a while. However, if you live in a dusty area or have pets and children who use it a lot then you will have to clean your turf more frequently than others.

Even if you don’t have pets, you should wash it once in a while or when you feel your artificial grass lawn has become too dusty. However, this would be automatically taken care of during monsoon, when rains will wash off your lawn and give it a fresh look.

Brush After Placing Heavy Items

There is no harm in placing heavy items like inflatable swimming pool, flower pot etc. on your artificial turf. These items would not damage your turf but would certainly flatten it. Thus, in order to get your grass back in shape, brush the fibres back up again in the direction of your lawn.

Keep Away from Fire

Although synthetic grass does not catch fire but its fibres can certainly melt. Hence, it is advisable to prevent BBQ ashes, cigarettes and other hot items from coming into direct contact with your synthetic turf. Of course, if burnt artificial grass can be repaired but the damage would still be visible to some extent.

Let Snow Melt Away

Even if your area receives frequent snowfall, you do not have to worry about your synthetic turf getting damaged due to frost because it won’t. However, in case of snow layer formation over your artificial grass, you need to ensure that you let snow melt away naturally instead of removing it manually. This is simply because removing it manually might damage the fibres of your turf.

Prevent Contact with lubricants, charcoal, cigarettes

Although, stains on your synthetic turf can be removed completely, still you should avoid getting them in the first place. Your turf can get stained through spills and burns. Some spills such as lubricants, grease, acid etc. damage or discolour your grass which will create a huge problem for you. Thus, the best thing to do is to do your repair and grilling work away from your turf. Also avoid throwing cigarettes or smouldering charcoal which might cause damage to your turf.

Artificial grass is definitely a boon for those who have little time to spare for gardening. With low maintenance and little care, everyone can now have a garden in their backyard, terrace, balcony or wherever they want.

6 Reasons to Buy Artificial Grass

Who does not love to have a beautiful lush green lawn. In fact, it is a part of everyone’s dream home. However, one thing which cannot be ignored is that such a beautiful lawn will require a lot of care and maintenance. Now, if you are working or have passed your youth, it would not really be possible for you to devote time and efforts required to keep your grass green and healthy. In such a scenario, artificial grass or synthetic grass can prove to be the best choice for you.

Synthetic grass has gained huge popularity over the years because of numerous benefits it possesses. Listed below are 10 reasons which will motivate you to bring artificial grass today and fulfil your dream of having a beautiful garden at your home.

Why to Buy Artificial Grass?

  1. Saves Water: Maintaining a lush green lawn would require lots of water especially during summers. As a result, your water bills may go up. You can save on this cost an also save water if you choose to use artificial grass instead of the natural one. With this grass you can even have a beautiful lawn in the areas with water scarcity.

  2. Requires Low Maintenance: Artificial turf or grass requires very low maintenance. It does not require regular mowing or strimming as in the case of natural grass. Moreover, there will be no need for pesticides or wedding and fertilizers. Thus, it will save you both time and money.

  3. Remains Forever Green: Artificial turf does not require watering. Thus, it means that your garden will look as green in the drought as it will look in the monsoon.

  4. Saves you Money: Since artificial grass requires now mowing or strimming, it allows you to save a good amount of money which otherwise would be spent on buying lawnmowers or strimmers or hiring professional services.

  5. Environmental Friendly: This might be hard to digest but this is actually true. Artificial grass is more environmental friendly than natural grass. This is because you it does not require use of mowers that run on petrol and release carbon emissions. Also, they do not require use of pesticides and fertilizers which might penetrate into the soil and damage it.

  6. Not Muddy: You can use artificial turf to create your kids play area or around your swimming pool and not worry about bringing in mud and sludge back home.

If having a beautiful garden in your backyard or in your balcony has always been your dream then now is the time to fulfil it. Install artificial grass in the desired area of your house and let go of all the worries related to mowing, watering and fertilizing as you will not have to do any of these things.