7 Reasons Why Natural Stone Products are Eco-friendly

People complain about untimely rainfalls, excessive rise in temperature, glaciers melting all the time. There is a global outcry over climate change but what is actually being done about it. Yes, planting trees, reducing pollution, avoiding the use of plastics etc. are some of the ways in which you can contribute your bit to the environment. But apart from these, there is one more way through which you can ensure that you are saving your environment and not harming it – the way is by using eco-friendly building materials.

Eco-friendly building materials – what is that? Can building materials really damage the environment? Sadly, the answer is YES.

But how modern building materials are a threat to the environment?

Modern building are often made from chemicals, plastics and other harmful substances that causes harm to the environment in one way or the other. The sad part is, these building materials are now dominating the commercial and residential building markets.

There are certain building materials that claim to be recyclable but who knows, they might just end up in a landfill. Have you ever seen a demolition crew sorting and recycling the debris? I am guessing not.

Let’s consider that the materials will be recycled. But won’t that recycling process generate waste and where do you think that waste is going to end up in? A landfill, of course which then contaminates the environment.

Considering the number of construction happening across the world, it is high time, builders and property owners start considering environmental friendly materials for their projects like natural stone.

Why Use Natural Stone Products as Building Materials?

Lasts Forever (Almost)

Natural stone lasts for a very long time as compared to other building materials. Stone is very durable and has high endurance. Proof of this is various ancient monuments like Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Taj Mahal in India etc. These are made with natural stone and still stand tall and look as charming as ever.

Requires Very Low Maintenance

Natural stone is very durable. As a result, it requires very low maintenance and care. The only care it would need is cleaning them from time to time, in case they get too dirty because of environmental pollution or dust and dirt.

Lower Environmental Impact

Natural stone industry have adopted new technologies that prevent unnecessary environmental damage. Also, in many cases, modern mining techniques have replaced quarries that cause very little impact on surrounding areas. Most importantly, natural stone creates fewer kilograms of carbon dioxide per ton when compared to other building materials like steel, timber, slate and concrete. Density of natural stone also provides it energy saving benefits that other materials lack.

Looks Beautiful

Natural stone can be used to give complex building designs a very gorgeous look. It also connects people with nature in ways that artificial building materials never will.

Can be Recycled and Reused

Most of the building materials cannot be recycled and if they can, they might create bigger problems. However, if you recycle natural stone, it will still be natural stone and would not cause environmental damage like plastic does. In fact, natural stone from various old buildings have been retrieved and reused in modern buildings. What more proof do you need?

No Synthetic Ingredients

Natural stone lasts for a very long time as compared to other building materials. Stone is very durable and has high endurance. Proof of this is various ancient monuments like Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Taj Mahal in India etc. These are made with natural stone and still stand tall and look as charming as ever.

Social Responsibility and Green Standards

Looking at the increasing demand for social responsibility and green certification standards, natural stone is here to stay. Moreover, choosing natural stone over heavier polluting building materials helps builders, institution and home owners give their bit to the environment.

The best part about natural stone is that it requires very little maintenance and care. Also, it lasts for a very long time. You might find it expensive initially but it certainly proves to be economical in the long run. You can find wide collection of natural stone wash basins, stone tiles, wall cladding tiles etc. that can enhance the beauty of your home in eco-friendly way.


10 Natural Stone Bathroom Sink to Adorn your Bathroom

A bathroom sink is an inevitable part of any bathroom. However, it is also one of those things that people do not prefer to pay much attention too. Also, they are not willing to pay much for it. After all, a wash basin is just used for washing hands. Whether it is a simple one or a designer one, it is still going to serve the same purpose. So why to spend so much money on it? Well, you are wrong.

Wash basin adds to the décor of a bathroom. It acts as a focal point which is going to grab people’s attention. Don’t you want it to be a beautiful one? If yes is your answer then you might want to check out these beautiful natural stone wash basin designs. These stone bathroom sinks have unique designs and genuine and captivating look that are hard to find in ceramic and porcelain bathroom sinks.

Floral Gold

Isn’t this a beautiful natural stone wash basin? What do you think? Made from Jaisalmer yellow stone, this basin has a beautiful carving on its outer surface which makes it look very attractive.

stone sink

Sabbia Agua

This black marble sink has a very unique design and looks very beautiful on installation. Because of black color, Sabbia Agua stone sink can perfectly fit in all types of décor.


It is a beautiful spherical stone bathroom sink made in black marble and with its outer surface etched. The inner surface and the rim of the basin are kept black to make it look appealing and classy.

stone bathroom sink


If you love traditional Indian designs than this stone countertop wash basin will certainly attract you. This marble bathroom sink is given the shape of a traditional Indian cookware that would uplift the grace of your bathroom.

Zebra Triton

This is a beautiful cylindrical black marble wash basin with striped outer surface. This stone pedestal sink is a great option for those who do not have enough space to build a counter for wash basin in their bathroom.

stone pedestal sink


It is another beautiful pedestal bathroom sink that has a sculpture like shape. This stone wash basin comes in two parts – the pedestal and the bowl, which makes it easy to transport.


If you like sleek and long wash basins, then you will certainly like Anant stone wash basin. This stone sink looks very classy and will help you create alluring focal point in your washing area.

stone bathroom sink


This stone bathroom sink is in shape of a boat. It is made in emperador brown stone and will very much compliment light coloured walls. You however can get this wash basin customised in the stone of your choice.


This stone wash basin is the perfect pick for those who want to go with simple design but in natural stone. Burans is made in Italian Galala Stone and looks very elegant.

stone bathroom sink


It is a beautiful designer wash basin that can uplift the grace of any place. Made in Grey William stone, you can place this stone bathroom sink in your bathroom or dining area and see how people admire it.

If you like the design but not the colour of the stone, then you can also opt for custom made sinks. Capstona offers the bathroom sink customization services at a very reasonable price. However, availability of stone plays a very crucial part in this. Moreover, one should not expect to see two exact same wash basins. This is because, natural stone is subject to variation in colour and highlights.


Natural Stone Tiles for Your Home

Coming home is the most beautiful thing. This is why, people love to invest a lot of their time and money in building a home for themselves where they can relax and create numerous beautiful memories with their loved ones.

While creating their home, people prefer to buy materials that last long while also giving an appealing look to their home. Be it walls or floors, they want everything to be just perfect. This is the reason why a major fraction of people still prefer to use natural stone tiles for their floors and walls. Natural stone floors not only look beautiful and stylish but also they do not harbour dust or allergens. Well, that seems healthy. Don’t you agree?

The benefits of natural stone tiles are many like they look authentic, are very durable, require low maintenance, suitable for all types of weather and the list goes on. It is because of these benefits that people have been using these tiles for thousands of years. Here are some ideas for your home where you can install natural stone tiles and creating alluring décor.


You can use natural stone tiles to create a beautiful backsplash on your kitchen walls. Stone tiles are any day a better choice over ceramic tiles because of their long-lasting and hard wearing nature. Also, they make your wall look aesthetically appealing.

stone tiles


The main reason why stone tiles make the best choice for bathroom is because it is easy to clean. Moreover, natural stone tile flooring does not get stained with shampoos, gel and toothpaste. Also, mud and dirt won’t stick to your floor. Even if they dry out, you can easily scrub away the patch without causing any harm to your stone tile floor.

bathroom wall


Since, natural stone tiles are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain, they make a great choice for bedroom. The best part is they go well with both traditional as well as modern design schemes. Because of innate hardness of the stone, it is always good to pair it with light colours like cream, white etc.

stone tiles

Dining Area

Stone tiles are appropriate for creating both contemporary as well as modern dining area. Moreover, it will also make your dining area look pleasant and soothing.

dining area

Living Room

Although stone is very hard and cold but it can transform interiors of any place into warm and inviting. No matter what is the colour of your living room, you can always find stone tiles that compliment your design style as they are available in varied textures and colours.

living room

Stone tiles are available in various different forms like stacked tiles, mosaic tiles, slate tiles etc. Pick the tile that can glorify the décor of your house in the best possible way. Always remember that no matter how hard or cold the stone is, it will always allow you to create warm and welcoming interiors. Also, the natural beauty of stone facilitates it to match any style. So, what type of stone tiles are you planning to use for your next interior design project?


Benefits of Metal Buddha Statue for your Home

Buddhism is termed as fourth largest religion of the world that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices. However, these traditions, beliefs and practices are largely based on original teachings of Buddha, the primary figure in Buddhism.

The followers of Buddhism create a special place in their home or garden to place their Buddha statue where they can pray and meditate. However, it is not necessary to be a Buddhist in order to have Buddha statues in your home. You can make metal Buddha idols a part of your interior or exterior décor but ensure that you are not being disrespectful to the idol.

Why Place Metal Buddha Idol in your Home or Office?

Buddha Idols make up for great décor accessories that also add an element of calmness to interiors. Buddha has always been associated with peace and this is one of the major reasons why people love to have Buddha idols in their home or office. They believe that the idol will facilitate them to achieve inner peace, which is very necessary to have a happy life.

While adding tranquillity to the environment, Buddha statues are also said to create positive vibes around your place. These positives vibes help you stay energetic throughout the day.

Buddha idols are available in stone, clay and metal. If you are good with fragile items, then you can opt for stone and clay idols. However, if you are looking for Buddha idols that can withstand sudden jerks and fall without breaking into pieces, then metal Buddha idols can prove to be the best choice.

Where to Place Metal Buddha Statues?

  • Always place the Buddha idol on a raised platform and not on the floor.

  • Avoid placing it in a bathroom

  • If you are going to place your Buddha statue in your garden, then ensure that it faces towards your home and not away from it.

  • When placed inside a room, ensure that it is facing the room. However, if placed at your home’s entrance, the idol will be facing those entering your home.

Significance of Different Buddha Statues

Vitarka Mudra –
brass buddha idol
In this mudra, the circle formed by the joining of index finger and thumb creates a constant flow of information or energy. The other three fingers evokes the energy of intellectual discussion and teaching. The vitarka mudra in all, creates energy that allows knowledge transmission in a protected way, without being hindered by fear.

Best place for this Buddha idol is office, library or a study room.

Abhay Mudra –
The open right palm in this mudra spreads positive aura. It also gives an energy of protection and a sense of strong and deep inner security.

Best place for this Buddha metal idol is either at the main entrance of your home or the living room.

Varda Mudra –
brass buddha idol
In this mudra, the right palm faces outward with index finger and thumb joined to form a ring and other three fingers pointing towards the ground. Left hand lies in front of the naval with palm facing upwards. This mudra expresses the energy of liberation and compassion along with offering of acceptance. This Buddha idol is perfect choice for those people who are seeking specific quality of energy from an enlightened being.

Best place for this Buddha metal idol is northwest part of your home or office.

Sleeping Buddha –
The metal idol of Buddha can bring peace and serenity in your home and spread the calm energy. It is very important especially in today’s time when lives of people are hectic. Thus, to create peaceful and balanced energy in your home or office, which is vital for good health and well-being, you should have a sleeping Buddha idol.

Best place for this sleeping Buddha idol is in your living room or your office chamber.

Buddha Head –
brass buddha idol
Not just Buddhists but even non-Buddhists love to keep Buddha head idol in their home. One of the major reasons is that these idols are said to radiate the energy of peace and calmness around you. Apart from having religious significance, Buddha head idols also act as great object for decoration and beautifies the surroundings.

You can place it at your home or workplace.

Even if you are not a follower of Buddhism, you should still consider having a Buddha idol in your home. After all, Buddha idols do not possess just religious significance. They radiate an aura of peace and calmness and also make a great decorative item. So, if you love to have something in your house that spreads positivity while also adding to the beauty of your place, then metal Buddha idols are the best option to go for.


Top Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Are you planning to do interiors for your new home? Do you want your interiors to be in lines with latest interior design trends in 2018? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here you will find the top 5 Interior Design Trends which are likely to be huge this year. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Say No to Neutral Tones

    Till last year, people opted for neutral colour sofas, cushions, rugs etc. because they believed that one never gets tired of neutral colours. Well, this does not seem to be true these days. People are actually bored of spotting beige, white, grey and other neutral colours everywhere. 2018 will be the year of VIBRANCY.

    Of course, you cannot completely eliminate neutral tones and you shouldn’t. Neutral shades will still make a part of your design but mostly in the background. You can paint your walls in beige or white or any other neutral colour but bring in accessories in bright colours like red, green and blue. This combination of neutral and bright tones will add vibrancy to your interiors and make your place look livelier.

  2. Vintage Accessories are in

    If your grandma’s trunk and grandpa’s gramophone is rotting in store room then now is the time to make them a part of your interior design. Refurbish them if needed but ensure that you do not ruin the old classic look.


    Vintage accessories will add a unique factor to your home interiors and also serve as beautiful focal point. If you do not have items from 1980s or before then it is not a problem because you can easily get them from antique shops or online stores.

  3. Natural Stone Designer Wash Basins are Attractive

    2018 is the time to say goodbye to the age old designs and patterns of ceramic wash basins and say hi to uniquely designed
    natural stone wash basins. Yes, natural stone wash basins are likely to become more prominent in home interior design in the coming years. There are two major reasons behind this – firstly, they have very unique and attractive shape and secondly, they can be customised to compliment your home and bathroom interiors.

    Be it modern or contemporary interior, stone wash basin goes well with everything. Stone sinks are very durable and easy to clean.

  4. Tiles that look like Wallpaper

    Wallpaper-like tiles are sure to rule the 2018 interior design trends. These tiles will provide your walls the elaborated pattern look, similar to the one achieved with modern day wallpapers. The most important benefit of these tiles is that even though they provide the look of wallpaper or wood, they are very durable and can be wiped off with sponge and detergent.

  5. Matte Black is the New Black

    Yeah, I know the line doesn’t sound cool but this is the truth. People these days are getting obsessed with matte colours, be it in vehicles, paints or accessories. The year 2017 was mostly of satin brass and 2018 is going to be of matte black. You can include matte black lamps, pots, fan, chairs and other accessories in your home interiors to create a style statement of your own.


If you are planning to create your own style statement with your home interiors in 2018, then do not forget to miss out on these trends. Moreover, these trends aren’t going out of fashion any time soon.


Do not forget to comment below, how you liked these interior design trends. Also, what design trends you think are going to rule in 2018.

Natural Stone Wash Basin Care Guide

Who does not love natural stone wash basins? Be it their colour, texture or shape, everything is so appealing about them. However, one thought that often stops people from buying natural stone sinks is “how to clean and maintain these sinks”? Well cleaning stone wash basins is no rocket science. In fact, caring for a natural stone sink is very easy. You just have to put in little efforts and they will retain their colour and texture for many years.

Here is a list of some useful tips which will allow you to maintain your natural stone wash basin with ease.

3 Key Points for your Stone Wash Basin

  • After every use, rinse your stone sink with clean water. This needs to be done in order to ensure that no harmful chemicals and residues are left behind that would build up on the surface or corrode the stone.

  • Wash your stone wash basin with mild detergents at least once a week and dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as acid or toilet cleaners as this would permanently damage your washbasin. You can however use mild dishwashers.

  • Concrete floors are very hard and hence it becomes really uncomfortable to stand on these floors for a longer period of time. This is not the case with tile flooring. You can stand on them comfortably for a fairly good amount of time.

  • Never ever use abrasive products on your stone sink. Avoid using harsh scrubbers as this would scratch your wash basin’s surface.

Always follow these 3 points and you will see how your natural stone washbasin will last beautifully for 10, 15 and even 30 years.

avoid on natural stone wash basin

Caring for Natural Stone Washbasin in Hard Water Areas

If you live in a city like Udaipur, where hard water is a prominent problem, you might have to dry your sink after every use. Remember to use a soft cloth for drying your stone basin. You need to do this to prevent scale formation which is a very common problem in areas that receive water high in mineral content.

Drying your basin after every use seems quite daunting, isn’t it? Well, the easy solution is to rinse your sink with clean warm water and dry it with a clean and soft cloth every night before you go to sleep.

The problem with hard water is that if you let it stand on your natural stone wash basin for too long, it will accumulate and soon form deposits. Once the deposit is formed, it might become difficult for you to make your sink sparkling clean. In worst cases, it might stain the stone. Well, in that case, you will have to contact a natural stone expert who will be able to assist you regarding the removal of that stain.

Cleaning Solution for Natural Stone Sink

There is no doubt that various specialised cleaning products are available in the market today that claim to keep your natural stone products in pristine condition. However, they are often costly and you do not necessarily need to buy those products. You can use any mild soap available in your home. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners.

If you have housekeepers who are supposed to clean your washbasin, then educate them about how to properly take care of natural stone sink.

The Semi-precious Stone Therapy

Many times in life people feel dejected and many times they are unable to stay completely focused in the work they are doing. Many times they feel that negative vibes have taken a toll on their happy life. People are meant to live a happy and positive life. Hence, all the factors that spread negativity and take away their happiness needs to be eliminated. One way to do this is to use semi-precious stones. Yes, you read it right. Semi-precious stones are said to possess healing powers that can bring stability and relaxation in your life.

Here is a list of a few semi-precious stones that can fill your life with positivity and are also available quite easily in both online and offline market.

Red Jasper

If in life you feel that stress is tearing you down, then you can certainly rely on the energy of Red Jasper. Its comforting essence will help you cope up with the stress in your life. This stone also encourages a positive and joyful attitude, thereby providing you with the necessary motivation to chase your dreams. Red Jasper is also considered to be lucky for people involved in creative business as it helps them exhibit creative ideas. Since ancient times, this stone is considered to be nurturer. Thus, it soothes the mind of anxiety thereby allowing you to focus on other important things.

Black Tourmaline

Whenever you feel that negativity is overpowering the positivity in your life, then it is time to bring in the black tourmaline stone in your life. It will not only shield you from negative vibes but will also improve your self-confidence. This stone also has the ability to relieve stress and anxiety so that you can focus more on productive activities. Not just this, black tourmaline is said to possess several other benefits such as increasing alertness, strengthening immunity and improving alertness.


This stone is being linked to success, prosperity, spirituality, wealth and mental peace. If you get angry too often then you must definitely start wearing this stone. Amethyst helps you stay calm and also protect your mind from all the negative thoughts. It is termed as nature’s tranquilizer because of its ability to relax both mind as well as nervous system. This stone can even enhance your intuition and help you meditate in a better and effective way.


If you feel demotivated in your life or feel that your creativity is not at par, then you can bring in the Carnelian stone in your life. It is considered to be a stabilising stone that can restore energy and motivation and also stimulate creativity. This stone also gives courage and promotes positive life choices. Carnelian can shield you from envy, rage and resentment and also help you get out from you depression.

Tourmaline Quartz

With the combined power of clear quartz and black tourmaline, tourmaline quartz can protect its wearer from negativity and also convert the negative energy into positive energy. As the light resonated from this semi-precious stone surrounds your body, a protective field of energy is created that shields the person from harm, tension and any kind of negativity. This stone is also considered to be an effective problem solver and also a symbol of unity. Psychologically, Tourmaline Quartz can also help in alleviating self-sabotage.

Clear Quartz

Also known as stone of power, it is one of the purest forms of quartz available in the market. This semi-precious stone has the potential to keep your immune system strong and also relive your body of stress, anxiety and cold like symptoms.

Black Obsidian

It is a very powerful stone that can increase your self-control. This stone has the power to release negative charges and imbalances from your life. It also facilitates meditation and help you get over your past love which is often very hard to let go off.

Yellow Quartz

It is a very useful stone as it provides relief from nervousness and exhaustion. This stone sharpens one’s memory and also improves concentration skills. It also provides protection from lethargy and depression. The physical benefits of yellow quartz include enhancement of brain functions and metabolism and ease of digestive system ailments. It also provides an aid in food tolerance and hyperactivity.

After knowing about the benefits of several semi-precious stones, the next question which is likely to come in one’s mind is how to actually use these stones. Well, there are several ways to use these stones. One of the most common ways is to wear them in the form of jewelery. The other way is to carry the stone in your pocket. This way you will always be in touch with your healing crystal. Lastly, you can place them as decorative stone in your home. This will enhance the beauty of your place while filling your place with its positive aura.

To order semi-precious stones, contact Capstona on +91-7737-333333 or drop a mail on capstonasales@gmail.com.

Is It A Good Choice to Opt for Artificial Grass?

The use of artificial turf these days is no longer restricted to golf courses, football grounds or other sports fields. It has become quite a common pick for home landscapes as well. Many people feel that artificial grass does not make any sense for home applications as installation cost is very high and they become too hot to walk on during hot summer days. Well, this is true but not entirely.

First, let’s talk about the installation part. It is true that the initial cost for installing the synthetic grass is quite high as compared to the natural grass. However, if you consider the long-term plans, it can turn out to be a cheaper affair as compared to the natural grass. This is why artificial grass suppliers in India are growing considerably. Wondering how? Well, your answer is right here.

Artificial or synthetic grass does not require watering or mowing. Thus, you can save a good amount on your water bills. Also, mowers tend to release carbon emissions into the environment as they run on petrol. Thus, you will be doing a bit of good to the environment too. Moreover, a natural grass lawn requires mowing from time to time which would consume your time if you choose to do it by yourself or money if you choose to hire someone else to do it for you. However, this is not the case with artificial grass. In addition to that, artificial turf can last for many years with very little or no maintenance at all. Natural turf fields require high-maintenance in order to keep them green and patch-free.

Now coming to the second point which is regarding the heating of the grass surface. It is true that artificial grass gets heated up during bright sunny days. However, this does not stop people from installing it in the countries with hot climate. The reason behind this is quite simple. People know that they are not suppose to walk on sand or concrete bare-foot during bright sunny days as these surfaces can get incredibly hot. They need to apply the same logic for artificial grass as well. They shouldn’t walk barefoot on their artificial turf during hot summer days. Although artificial turf gets warm, it does not get blazing hot like brick walkway. However, it does not stay as cool as natural grass and hence shoes might be necessary. You can contact artificial grass supplier like Capstona who will provide you best quality artificial grass at a good price.

Many people are often reluctant to buy artificial grass because they feel that the heating of grass is completely contradictory to its nature and it might pose problems for them. Well, this is not the truth. People are accustomed to think that grass surface is supposed to remain cool no matter how hot it is. People aren’t wrong to think that as the concept of synthetic grass is quite new and not many people are used to it. However, one should realise that although synthetic grass looks much like the natural grass, it has its own set of characteristics which are different and better than the natural one. Some of these characteristics are listed below.

  1. No requirement of watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing or aerating which helps you save both time and money.
  2. It never gets muddy, no matter how much it rains.
  3. Artificial turf is drought friendly as it does not require water to remain healthy and green. This makes it a good option for areas prone to water scarcity.

How to keep your Artificial Grass Lawn Cool?

Although it is the nature of artificial turf to get warm under the sun, you can still manage to keep it cool by adopting certain measures some of which are listed below.

  1. You can install retractable awning which can be opened and closed as and when required to shade the lawn.
  2. You can use garden hose to rinse your synthetic grass lawn. This will bring down the surface temperature quickly.
  3. You can even use water sprinkler to cool down your artificial grass surface.

Artificial turf do gets heated up in the presence of strong sunlight but it also cools down quickly in the presence of shade. Moreover, its ability to save water, time and money surely makes it a perfect choice for both homes and offices. Contact artificial grass supplier now if you want to have a low maintenance terrace garden or lawn in your home.

Wallpapers or Tiles: Which is a Better Option?

Walls play a very crucial role in the décor of a home, office or any other establishment. Hence, it is very important to ensure that your walls have the perfect colour or style that would complement or rather enhance your décor. In addition, it should also be easy to clean and maintain and have a long life.

Many people prefer to put wallpaper on their walls or paint it while some choose to use tiles. People prefer wallpaper and paint because they believe that it would make their walls attain a beautiful look which is not possible with tiles. Little do they know that gone are the days when design options in tiles were very limited. These days, there are so many beautiful patterns available that many times tile adorned walls beat painted and wallpapered walls in beauty and elegance.

There are many reasons why tile can prove to be a better choice for your home instead of wallpaper or paint. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Easy to Clean

No matter how much one tries, he or she can never avoid stains and spills on the walls. Hence, it is very important to take into consideration the ease of cleaning while planning your interiors. When it comes to tiles, wallpapers and paint, tiled walls are much easier to clean as compared to others. Moreover, unlike painted or wallpapered walls, tiled walls do not wear or tear or develop blemishes when cleaned. Thus, this proves to be a great advantage as blemished or scuffed walls diminishes the beauty of a room.

Lasts Long

The problem with painted walls is that you might have to repaint it every 2-3 years in order to maintain its charm. Same is the case with wallpaper. You will have to replace it if it gets stained or torn off. However, tiled walls are very durable and long-lasting. Even though cost of installation for tiles is comparatively higher, it proves to be cost-efficient in the long run.


When it comes to bathrooms and kitchen, there is no better option than tiles. Since, these two spaces get in regular contact with water, it is very important to ensure that walls do not get damaged because of it. Paint and wallpaper, for obvious reasons, are not a good choice for your kitchen and bathroom walls. The best option would be to go for tiled walls since they are easy to clean and will look as good as new for a very long period of time.

Versatile Nature

Tiles help you create a versatile sense of style. You can opt for neutral toned tiles that will complement all décor styles. Thus, if your taste changes or you get bored with your current furniture, you can replace it without having to redo your walls. In case of wallpapered or painted walls, you might have to replace or repaint them in other to match your current taste which might burn a hole in your pocket.

Attractive Look

Be it porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles, there are endless options to choose from. No matter what style of tiles you choose, they will certainly provide an alluring and graceful look to your walls while adding a sumptuous touch to your décor.

When it comes to choosing between wallpaper, tiles and paint, tiles is any day a better choice unless you have a plan to redo your walls every 2 or 3 years. To have long-lasting graceful walls that are also very easy to clean, tiles is the option to go for.