10 Reasons Why Planting Trees is a Necessity and Not an Option

Since our school days, we have been taught the importance of trees. Our textbooks enlighten us about why you should plant trees, why cutting down trees is not a good thing to do, how trees affect your environment etc. However, as soon as we grow up enough to get out from the world these textbooks we forget all the good things that we learnt through them. Today, people are more interested in cutting down trees in order to get satisfy their greed for land. What they fail to realise is that with each tree cut down, they are harming mother earth and damaging the environment.

As a quick reminder, here are few points which will make you realise the importance of trees and motivate you to plant them instead of cutting down.

  1. Reason 1: They Release Oxygen

    Oxygen is vital for the survival of human beings and everyone knows that. It is the trees that consume our carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Imagine, from where we will get the most important constituent for survival in abundance if we cut down all the trees for more and more land.

    A very important thing to know about trees is that a matured leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. Thus, by cutting a tree, you reduce the amount of oxygen in air.

  2. Reason 2: They Clean Air

    The number of vehicles have increased subsequently over the years which means increased pollutants in the air. Apart from vehicles, air gets polluted with a lot of other factors like emissions from chimneys, air-conditioners, burning of fuels, mining operations etc. Air filled with such harmful pollutants cannot be fit for breathing and hence needs to be cleaned which is done by trees. They absorb pollutant gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides etc. and particulates from air and make it fit for breathing.

  3. Reason 3: They Cool Down City

    Trees absorb heat from our surroundings and release them into the air in the form of water vapour. They also shade our homes and streets. All these factors contribute in bringing down the temperature by 10°F.

  4. Reason 4: They Help in Energy Conservation

    When strategically planted around home and other properties, trees can actually help in cutting down air conditioning needs during summers. With their shade, they can keep your property cool. This also contributes lesser air pollution as less use of air conditioners means less release of harmful carbon emissions in air.

  5. Reason 5: They Shield from UV Rays

    Trees reduce exposure to Ultra Violet B radiation by roughly 50%., thereby guarding you against skin cancer.

  6. Reason 6: They Increase Property Value

    Homes with properly planted and fully-grown trees tend to get more value than those without trees at the time of resale. So, if you intent to get a good value for your property in the future, planting trees and maintaining them will be one of the very important tasks.

  7. Reason 7: They Control Noise and Unwanted Glare

    Planting trees in a proper way around your property can absorb loud noise from the environment. They even shield your home from the unwanted glare from the street or your neighbour’s window.

  8. Reason 8: They Hold Soil in Place

    The roots of trees grow deep into soil and hold it firmly in its place, thereby preventing soil erosion. It is because of this reason, planting trees in altogether more important especially in hilly areas where chances of good soil being washed away by rain water is very high.

  9. Reason 9: They Add Beauty

    Trees can add unique character and beautify your place in such a way that no other thing can do. They create a sense of place.

  10. Reason 10: They are Important for your Physical and Mental Wellness

    Certain studies prove that having a view of trees and green space can help in healing, decreasing stress and having a quality time.

So, next time when you think of cutting down a tree, realise that you are not only harming mother earth, but yourself too.