Enchanting Floor Tiles

Gone are those days when walls were coated with paints or they were covered in wallpapers. Also out of fashion is the trend of spreading marbles on the floor. With world looking for much more sophistication in decorating their walls and floor, Capstona, a leading name in natural stone products, is here with alluring floor tiles and wall claddings which are sure to rob you of speech with their beauties.

Floor tiles are a perfect alternative of marbles and wooden flooring. They not only look appealing to the spectators but also add a gloss to the place where they have been installed. While there is always a fear of marble losing their whiteness and turning yellow or termite feeding their hunger with wooden flooring, floor tiles are free from such catastrophic consequences.

Ceramic mosaic floor tiles, for instance, are one of the premium offerings by Capstona which along with giving a sophisticated touch to the abode also enrich its aesthetic presence.

Wall Claddings

Wall Cladding is a revolution in home decor elements and not only it ornaments walls of rooms but it gives a complete makeover to the abode. Wall Cladding for bathroom, for instance, increases the beauty of bathroom and make it charming like never before. Another extension of Wall Claddings is Exterior Wall Cladding Tiles which makes the outer part of the building really fascinating.

Interior Wall Cladding Tiles in India are the most popular ones as they aid in amplifying the look of the abode from inside.

Tiles at Capstona

Capstona, a renowned brand when it comes to tiles, offers a wide range of floor tiles and wall cladding which is indispensable in decorating home. A leading tile manufacturer in India, Capstona offering of tiles is sure to awe you with their beauty.

Fascinating Stones for Ornamentation

Ever kicked a stone lying in your path? Well, Capstona offers such beautiful stones which you don’t want to kick and rather use it to decorate your place. Capstona offers stones of various sizes, colors and shapes which can be used for a complete makeover of the following places:

Swimming Pool Boundary: Throw these captivating stones around your swimming pool and bestow your pool with an enthralling look which it always deserved.

Artificial Flower Pots: Bring the essence of nature in your artificial flower pots by filling your pot with natural stones from Capstona.

Garden Decoration: Not only natural stones but Capstona also offers natural pebbles of various colors. One can use them and ornament his/her garden with those pebbles thereby offering a sophistication in the green area.

Interior Decoration: Along with decorating outside areas, these natural stones can also be used to lift the beauty of inner space. One can use them to decorate balcony, fill a bowl with and keep it in the center of the table, etc.

Decorating Stones at Capstona

Capstona excels when it comes to Decorating Stones Suppliers. It offers not only natural stones but also pebbles of various colors and sizes that are sure to increase the beauty of your interior as well as exterior space. Get a wide range of Natural Stone directly from Natural Stone Manufacturer and offer an enchanting look to your surroundings.

Pace stylishly on Glass Carpets

Though white marbles, Silk or woolen carpets, floor mats, etc. are still in fashion but a Glass Carpet is something which could amplify the elegance of the abode to a new scale. It is beautiful enough to make a home stand out. It surely delights the eyes with its vibrant colors and astonishing patterns. No matter where it is placed, it is sure to be the cynosure of everybody’s eyes.

The many uses of Glass Carpet

  • A Flooring Option: If one doesn’t look forward to marble, wooden or tiles as his/her flooring option glass carpet is something that person should look for. On floor, a glass carpet really looks amazing and with its magnificent charm it offers a royal look to the entire surrounding.
  • As a Mat: If installed in living area, a glass carpet is sure to lure the guests. And it will be more attractive if it is surrounded by sofa sets or chairs.
  • As a dining hall flooring: Glass carpet looks enthralling when it is spread in the dining hall. A dining table placed in the center of glass carpet is sure to turn lot many heads towards it.
  • As a floor landscape: A glass carpet with a portrait or an innovative design on it could play a role of a huge colorful canvas for the floor. Hence, turning any dull floor into an amazing painting.

Glass Carpet at Capstona

Capstona is a leading manufacturer of Glass Carpet. At Capstona, each and every glass carpet is innovatively designed which take the beauty of any abode to a new peak.

Get wooed by elegant Wash Basins

Apart from appealing wall tiles, an elegant Wash Basin installed in the nook of the bathroom awestruck anyone and everyone. A delighting wave rush through us when we wash our hands or face in magnificent wash basin. This show stealer is broadly classified into two categories: Pedestal Wash Basins and Standalone Wash Basins.

Standalone Wash Basins

Standalone wash basins by Capstona epitomize the purity of natural stone. Available in plethora of color and pattern options, standalone wash basins are sure to leave their spectators in a sheer awe. No matter which design or color of standalone wash basin you pick, it is sure to compliment the other add-ons of your bathroom. Built from premium quality natural stone, these wash basins are elegant yet robust enough to last for a very long time.

Pedestal Wash Basins

A Pedestal wash basin adds sophistication to the bathroom and escalates its charm. These premium quality pedestal wash basins from Capstona are incredibly designed and intelligently build. These splendor pieces of wash basins are built to last. They are manufactured from natural stone which stand the test of both time and toughness.

Wash Basins at Capstona

Capstona falls in the category of leading wash basin manufactures. It also holds an apex position when it comes to wash basin suppliers. It has to offer wide range of wash basins with vibrant colors and terrific patterns. Get flabbergasted with an elegant collection of wash basins at Capstona.